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    Sold Selling

    As the title states, I am selling This domain is registered with Namecheap. It was purchased on August 7, 2018 so it does not need to be renewed for another year. This domain can be used for a majority of forums. I am looking for $10.
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    Free Looking for a Partner

    Hey everyone, So after about 2 years away from forums, I'm back and searching for a partner to contribute their time and effort in creating a new community with me. So far, the niche is the basic and highly-popular general discussion. I plan on using xenForo. The details are still at a...
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    Amazon Prime Day

    Anyone here have Amazon Prime? Well, today's the day to definitely spend money on Amazon. If you're a Prime Member, take a look at the deals they have to offer on this day. So many things are on sale. I was scrolling through and found this: Xbox One 1TB Console - The Division Bundle + $50...
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    Dallas Officer Shooting

    Anyone hear of this tragic event? Happened last night, according to the news, at least 10 officers were shot, 5 of which were killed during an ambush at a peaceful protest. Two of the shooters were snipers at an elevated location. The people are in custody The attack was coordinated and...
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    The Video Gamers Ruby Package

    Site URL: Package (Garnet/Emerald/Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Marble/Obsidian): Ruby Package Total Posts: 208 Packager Preferences: n/a Extra Notes: Would love if majority of the posts/topics were in the "Game Room" section, Thanks!
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    Ask the newest PTM

    Starting a new thread, Ask me questions :)
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    Basic Review of TheVideoGamers

    Site URL: Date Opened: July 4, 2016 Review Type: Feedback Topic + Basic Review: 200 FP$ Extra Notes: We're low on content because we just opened, looking mainly for critique on design, layout, and overall look.
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    Earn Easy FP$

    Quick and easy way to earn FP$ Pay: 50 FP$ Register @ Fill out profile + Upload Avatar Make an introduction thread Pay: Each Post = 10FP$ (Max 15 per user) Each Thread = 15 FP$ (Max 5 per user) Comment here when you're done, and payment will be sent! Content...
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    TheVideoGamers Exchange

    Hey everyone, I am interested in a 5/5, 10/10, or 15/15. I am mainly looking for general discussion communities, gaming forums, tech forums, admin/webmaster forums, and promotion forums. Reminder: Please post in this thread with your request and wait until it has been accepted/denied before...
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    TVG Staff Needed (Gaming Forum)

    Greetings, I am currently seeking staff for my new forum, TheVideoGamers. TVG is a gaming discussion forum, which also posts occasional reviews, tutorials, etc. The forum is brand new, running on a fresh installment of xenForo. The forum is currently not set up as of now. I'm looking for...
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    Creating a new forum

    Hey everyone, I've finally decided to come back into the forum universe and have been thinking hard about creating a new forum running on xenForo software. I couldn't decide whether I should make a gaming forum or an admin forum (I know, there are a lot out there). But with an admin forum...
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    Plug DJ

    Just a quick question, I was wondering if we are allowed to post our community link as a promotion topic?
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    Bump Topic

    Is there a "Bump Topic" feature anymore?
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    Searching for an Admin or Mod Position

    Hey everyone, I am currently looking for a job on a forum as an administrator or moderator. I'd prefer administrator as I have years of experience with a handful of software. In the past few years, I have worked with: (listed from best to worst) XenForo MyBB IPB vBulletin phpbb I have...
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    Selling this domain (expires in 12 months from yesterday). Selling it for $10! This domain is registered on GoDaddy, anyone interested, please let me know.
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    Tweet for 85 FP$ (750 Followers)

    I currently own a twitter account that has 750+ followers > I will tweet a 140 character message (I must approve) for you for a payment of 80 FP$ Please reply here with your message, and be sure it meets the character requirement >
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    ForumDynamic ~ Advanced + Feedback

    Website Name: ForumDynamic Website Link: When was your website founded?: 1/23/15 (I'm pretty sure) Which would you like?: Feedback Topic + Advanced Review Notes: Thanks :D
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    Forum Peak

    Site URL: Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Sigma/Delta/Theta/Omega/Zeta/Iota): Theta Total Posts: 39 Extra Notes:
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    Domain Names for General Discussion forum

    I'm looking for a few domain ideas for a general chat forum, I want the word "chat" in it somewhere, and don't want the name to be too long. I'm also looking for only .com domains please, thanks :)
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    [SOLD] Selling ForumPeak & GamersNuke

    Hey Everyone, Today I am selling 2 domains, both with the .com TLD. These domains are registered with NameCheap. The first domain is my most recent forum. I'm selling this domain because we have merged with ForumDynamic and have no real need to this domain. The money would go towards improving...