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  1. iMage

    Solved Calm down on the ads

    I am noticing more and more ads seemingly every time i visit this forum lately. I get the need for revenue, but you cant overdo it with the ads, or you won't get the amount of traffic to make anything from them... I will end up running Adblock on this forum if its going to be that many all over
  2. iMage

    What's your opinion on using Tapatalk?

    Isnt tapatalk just like a chat script or something? Why not use a Shoutbox right on your forum and give permissions to only certain usergroups instead? Would maintain people remaining on your website instead of a 3rd party. Never used Tapatalk myself though
  3. iMage

    What car do you have?

    Mitsibishi Galant. Older one, but it gets me to work lol
  4. iMage

    Tiny House

    I dont really watch television at all. I play and listen to alot of music though
  5. iMage

    Old enough to remember Tazboards

    This is really gonna show my age. but does anyone else remember WickedDownloads/Tazboards? It was one of the biggest Warez website/coummities there was back in the day for filesharing. I back in the early 2000s was very active with teh website, FXP of files, hosting my own FTP from my local...
  6. iMage

    What do you do after quit running website(s)?

    Well you dont have to quit admin websites altogether. I have a healthy balance of running my website, working a fulltime job (i am a cook at a prison). And also have a fullfilling social life, hangin out with the ol lady, going to concerts, dancin at the clubs every weekend, drinking prob more...
  7. iMage

    New banner i just made

    The one in my sig is the new one, not point in posting it in the thread again haha. show off some of your own Advertising banners in the comments if you want, love seeing others artistic styles
  8. iMage

    25 FP$ for submitting your link [Closed]

    I added GT Memes.. Just a note, the link you have added works, but goes to an error page, may want to update the link on your thread.
  9. iMage

    Free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop?

    Gimp is a great alternative.. there is which is online, and comparable to Photoshop really.
  10. iMage

    Free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop?

    Oh ya its easy to get it for free, its been all over the internet for years. But purchasing it has its benifits, and isnt all that expensive anymore.
  11. iMage

    Free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop?

    Photoshop is def the easiest to learn if you ask me. I have been using it several years now. And they have made it so its very affordable with a monthly subscription fee as opposed to having to shell out alot of money at one go.
  12. iMage

    Dou you listen to music while you work?

    All the time, i am a chef in a prison kitchen here in Canada (no its not like you see on TV lol). We have tunes going all day everyday. Its the only thing that keeps us sane lol.
  13. iMage

    What do you do?

    Besides webmaster activities, updating your website(s). Chatting in forums etc. What do you like to do? Myself i play music, putting together a metal band currently. And go to a ton of concerts, gets kinda expensive haha. I also go out most every weekend dancing at local live music clubs. I have...
  14. iMage

    FP$ Channel Art YouTube channel

    I dunno, just kinda an idea to get ya started maybe?
  15. iMage

    FP$ Need logo, favicon, social media images

    Post here what website you need it for and when i get some extra time i will make something
  16. iMage

    Review my admin forum

    Nice work adding content to the forum. Thats what i notice alot of admins don't do with their communities. Good job man.
  17. iMage


    Well its Xenforo, great forum script. You need to focus on some content now
  18. iMage

    Movie site?

    Yup like Jerlene said NEVER host files for anytthing Warez yourself. Even linking to it is kinda a grey area. A few years ago i had a large and popular Warez forum linking to movies,games and software. I had to move hosts several times due to DMCA complaints to my host. And eventually had an...
  19. iMage

    $ Forum Promotion Userbars

    Just messin around some with this one.
  20. iMage

    Eree Hosting - $1 DDos Protected cPanel Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting

    Are you just reselling yourself? Who where is the datacenter? Your site seems a bit slow to be honest. Def cheap prices. Kinda get what ya pay for though.