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  1. Alexandoy

    Youtube disallowed my video

    I made a short video of a cockfight - 2 cocks fighting. It is not the gory fight where cocks kill each other. It is just like a sparring session. When I uploaded it on Youtube, I got a message that it is not appropriate. When I replied with an appeal, I said that cockfighting is part of our...
  2. Alexandoy

    Spending too much time in the internet

    How many hours do you spend each day for your internet activities? I have read an article about addiction and I am thinking that some of the young people I know are addicted to the internet particularly to social media. Do you think that spending too much time in the computer (or mobile gadget)...
  3. Alexandoy

    Youtube channel sponsorship

    I received an email from VidStatus with an offer to sponsor my videos. When I replied to ask how to go about it, I was asked to use Whatsapp "for talking further." That sounds suspicious to me so I am withholding my reply for now. Is there anyone here who had heard of that company VidStatus? It...
  4. Alexandoy

    Google Chromes take time to shutdown

    Whenever I would shut down my desktop and Chrome is active it takes time for the procedure to take its course, something like an extra 30 seconds. I have noticed that the hard disk is being accessed. When I checked the task manager it was Chrome that was hogging the memory. I wonder what Chrome...
  5. Alexandoy

    No more new virus?

    I have noticed that in this past year of 2018 there was only 1 or 2 new viruses that landed in the news. One is the ransomware that locks the hard disk and you have to pay a ransom so you can use your computer again. Maybe the anti-virus software are now far advanced that incidents of virus...
  6. Alexandoy

    Alkaline water

    There is a craze over here about the drinking water called alkaline water. According to the buyers the alkaline water for drinking is beneficial for the health in many ways like the skin tone and the digestive system. But when I asked for proof of the claims no one could present. Even my...
  7. Alexandoy

    Cinema is giving way to streaming

    I have noticed among the people in my circle that most of them are now subscribed to Netflix. They said that the streaming is very convenient and practical especially for big families because the cinema ticket is now expensive at $5 per person. Add to that the snacks and you can be overwhelmed...
  8. Alexandoy

    Documenting your incoming and outgoing gifts

    I had posted in another discussion that I was taking pictures of all the gifts that I received for Christmas and had tagged each photo with the name of the giver. Likewise I also take pictures of the gifts that I gave with the tag of the receiver's name. That documentation is important...
  9. Alexandoy

    Euthanasia to end agony

    Christmas day is always a reunion in our family's tradition. We were all gathered in my sister-in-law's house where their mother lives. She had a stroke 7 years ago that left her immobile, speechless and now she rarely opens her eyes. My mother-in-law is literally a vegetable. The family is...
  10. Alexandoy

    Chrome vs Firefox

    I have read many discussions that Google Chrome is now the number 1 browser. Our desktop has Chrome and Firefox. Comparing the 2 it is Chrome for our main browser. But there are web pages that couldn't be displayed properly by Chrome but it can be handled by Firefox. Take note, just some web...
  11. Alexandoy

    The tag of a new thread

    I guess the tags of the new thread is important and if my guess is right that tag or tags will play a part in the search engine optimization which means a good tag can get traffic for the particular page. And if I am right then I think the forum should give emphasis on the tags so that creators...
  12. Alexandoy

    Greetings to all

    Hello there. I'm Alexandoy who may be familiar to you because I have been freelancing for a long time now. It looks like I have many things to learn from this site and I also hope that I can contribute something for the benefit of everyone.