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  1. Gh0st4unt3r

    Storm Developers Exchange

    can do a post for post if thats what you would like to do, time has got a little busy for me but will do my best to do a like for like on posts if that is what you would like to do.
  2. Gh0st4unt3r

    Newbie to the forum

    Hi and welcome to FP
  3. Gh0st4unt3r

    Site Battle Madness 2019: Winners & Prizes

    Well done all and everyone :D congrats to the winners
  4. Gh0st4unt3r

    Completed Storm Developers vs BaysideGamers vs CodeForum (BaysideGamers)

    ok will do a bayside, codeforum and myself (joyfreak and myself have done one prior to this so we keep it to 3 :) would be interesting to see a 4 way and 5 way introduced in future though :) mini site battle challange
  5. Gh0st4unt3r

    Completed Storm Developers vs BaysideGamers vs CodeForum (BaysideGamers)

    4 way battle looks good if its possible :-)
  6. Gh0st4unt3r

    Storm Developers

    Thank you, A lot of work has gone into it and i do have the theme available to people who wish to use it still new theme and improving greatly :) i think its the old style in me as a person who spent years on the web way before social media :D
  7. Gh0st4unt3r

    One Hit Wonders

    Its an old one but anyone remember Hanson - mmmbop
  8. Gh0st4unt3r

    Storm Developers

    Thank you, i have only just spotted this post after doing a lot of dev work :)
  9. Gh0st4unt3r

    Completed Storm Developers vs BaysideGamers vs CodeForum (BaysideGamers)

    Site Name:Storm Developers Genre of Site: Webmaster / Web Developers / Designers / Marketplace Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum / Site Extra Notes (Optional):
  10. Gh0st4unt3r

    JoyFreak major restructure

    Great work there its looking very smart :)
  11. Gh0st4unt3r

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome back to FP good to see a friendly face :)
  12. Gh0st4unt3r

    Completed Storm Developers

    Site URL: Package: Emerald Total posts on your forum: 170+ Packager Preferences: Any Area Preferences: Any Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion in their signatures on your forum? yes that is ok...
  13. Gh0st4unt3r

    CodeForum reaches 1k messages!

    thats amazing good achievement :) keep up the great work.
  14. Gh0st4unt3r

    New Member

    Welcome to forum pormotion, :)
  15. Gh0st4unt3r

    Completed JoyFreak vs. Storm Developers (Storm Developers)

    Thank you, you did well too we have good sites :D
  16. Gh0st4unt3r

    Storm Developers Exchange

    Hi guys been away for weekend, but will get these done for you :)
  17. Gh0st4unt3r

    Dark or Milk Chocolate?

    I prefer whote chocolate but out these 2 wpuld be milk a nice bar of galaxy is nice chocolate :-)
  18. Gh0st4unt3r

    Tech Land

    Looking good - and looks like its very resourceful for information, only issue i came across is the HTTPS status showing not secure, has this been resolved :)