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  1. Alexandoy

    Youtube disallowed my video

    Maybe there is logic with the word "cock" that I used. But the video was already deleted and I wouldn't dare re-upload it because the message said it is a "strike 1" already and a strike 2 may cause a suspension to my channel. If it's about animal cruelty then I guess the real cockfights would...
  2. Alexandoy

    IP Bans

    Banning the IP was my main defense against spammers. There was a time when our office website's forum was deluged with spammers like 4 to 5 new accounts in a day. When I learned about banning the IP that somehow stymied them although some spammers seemed to have an unlimited IP to use. It's like...
  3. Alexandoy

    Need Strategy to Get "1 dollar a month" donators

    Good luck to your venture. You are a good man, @Jason76, and I know that you deserve to succeed. However I don't believe that there will be patrons who will donate unless they are really into drums. What if you will feature drummers on your site like "drummer of the week" with a photo and a...
  4. Alexandoy

    Are you more likely to watch a Youtube video if it is in HD?

    I prefer to watch the HD channels in our cable tv than the regular version which is sometimes not very clear. With videos in the internet I also prefer the HD although there are times that a lower resolution is better when the downloading takes time. HD movies have a high resolution hence it is...
  5. Alexandoy

    How to deal with unreasonable people

    I agree that sometimes we become unreasonable but it should not be up to the extent of a violent reaction on posts of our "enemy" so to speak. I have experienced a closely-knit local forum where members got into factions and started harassing other members. The unreasonableness of those members...
  6. Alexandoy

    Does anyone like nuts.

    There are claims that nuts are bad for arthritis. I don't know if that is a traditional myth but so many people I know believe in that. In the recent years some doctors were declaring that nuts has nothing to do with arthritis or even gout. One doctor named Galvez-Tan was the former...
  7. Alexandoy

    Reading member PMs. Is it right?

    I have been with forums since the early years of 2000 and I didn't know that the admin has the capability to read the PMs of members. I guess that is scary because there is no more privacy. All the while I thought that the private message is private and that is just between you and the memeber...
  8. Alexandoy

    Bugs in the fire alarm?

    I guess it is the sensor that is at fault. When the sensor is dirty it cannot sense the heat or smoke so when the opposite happens then that will set off the alarm. Now the question is what exactly is the opposite situation that can set off the fire alarm?
  9. Alexandoy

    Youtube disallowed my video

    I made a short video of a cockfight - 2 cocks fighting. It is not the gory fight where cocks kill each other. It is just like a sparring session. When I uploaded it on Youtube, I got a message that it is not appropriate. When I replied with an appeal, I said that cockfighting is part of our...
  10. Alexandoy

    Spending too much time in the internet

    How many hours do you spend each day for your internet activities? I have read an article about addiction and I am thinking that some of the young people I know are addicted to the internet particularly to social media. Do you think that spending too much time in the computer (or mobile gadget)...
  11. Alexandoy

    Postloop, Forumwheel... and?

    Is there no way to ban those users that you had mentioned who were spammers? If I am a site owner and spamming as a paid poster is a mortal sin. I would not only ban them but also seek a refund of the expenses that I incurred for their posts. PS. I would love to contribute to JoyFreak but I...
  12. Alexandoy

    What would you do if you were going to close your site?

    When the forum that I was managing experienced the doldrums, my boss said that it was better to close it than to let it run without activity. What I did was to make a backup of the data and I observed for 2 weeks before I removed the forum from the internet. It was a forum of a non-profit...
  13. Alexandoy

    What annoys you as an admin?

    I can live with spam because there is a way to stop it, technically speaking. What I cannot stand is the trolling especially when the trolling has a tendency to ignite a violent reaction. Sometimes it is really sad to see a post of a decent forum member to be soliciting for some respect from the...
  14. Alexandoy

    Most you've sold a domain name for?

    I am amused whenever I would read that a domain name was sold for a high price. In one forum there was a discussion of selling domain names up to a million dollars. It is not easy to believe that claim because I don't see the logic of buying a domain name for such a price. A domain name is just...
  15. Alexandoy

    Pruning old posts.

    You are right with the policy of not deleting any post because that will affect your statistics. What I did with our office forum was to move the "trashy posts" to an invisible board that is visible only to the admin and staff. But you have to be discerning with the archiving of posts because it...
  16. Alexandoy

    Forum promotion

    I agree that Forumcoin is one good forum to promote your site. There are many active members and I feel that your forum can get members if you post it there. Posting is free although you can also advertise your forum there to get more readers to your post.
  17. Alexandoy

    Why don't you have a site?

    My passion is gardening and I had long wanted to have a forum for local gardeners. The purpose is not just for sharing of gardening know-how but also for the exchange of planting materials. My problem is the cost and also the maintenance since you cannot run a forum without a moderator and an...
  18. Alexandoy

    Are you conscientious of what you eat?

    I used to eat whatever I want disregarding the quantity. But as I grew older, I realized that I can still enjoy the food by eating moderately. That means I still what I want but on a smaller quantity unlike before when I would gorge on the food. Another paradigm shift is the break that I give my...
  19. Alexandoy

    Youtube channel sponsorship

    I received an email from VidStatus with an offer to sponsor my videos. When I replied to ask how to go about it, I was asked to use Whatsapp "for talking further." That sounds suspicious to me so I am withholding my reply for now. Is there anyone here who had heard of that company VidStatus? It...
  20. Alexandoy

    How is the Weather?

    I have read in the news about the Polar Vortex which I believe is the cold wave. There was an advice to take care and shield the body from the excessive cold wave that is hitting the US. There's the forecast in Canada (as posted by my godson) of a -49 degrees. That's too cold for comfort.