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  1. LadySalya

    Free Tainted Onez needs Staff

    Site name and link: Tainted Onez Site genre: Mixed Opening date:May 05, 2019 Site info: Tainted Onez is a mixed forum that has a sandbox style RP, places share their writing/designs or artwork, chat with others, and just have fun. It's a place for just about everyone. Your name: Salya Your...
  2. LadySalya

    Affiliate with Juneberry's Jungle

    would you like to affie with my forum Tainted Onez? Link:
  3. LadySalya

    How patient are you with your staff?

    I think I'm a little too patient with my staff since I don't really care as long as they do their job. XDD But at the same time, I'm lazy and I dk...
  4. LadySalya

    Tainted Onez

    New style/theme added. ... Slowly updating the forums. Still need active members.
  5. LadySalya

    Tainted Onez

    Summer event may be starting soon. Also there are over 100 stamps to try to get now. ^^ Looking for staff!
  6. LadySalya

    Tainted Onez

    Forum School is taking in ideas for classes. We are trying to get it set up.
  7. LadySalya

    Selling Tainted Wingz Ads

  8. LadySalya

    Tainted Onez

  9. LadySalya

    I need staff and help on my forum

    I got a host a few months back and started a new forum on PHPBB but I don't really know much about it. I was able to edit prosilver to my liking but I don't know how to make other themes. Link: Here's what I'm looking for: Graphic mods -...
  10. LadySalya

    Godless Writing - Poems, Stories, Book Reviews, Writing Guides

    cute site. if you ever start doing affiliates, I would like to affiliate with you.
  11. LadySalya

    Tainted Onez

    Doing a Hidden Stamp Event until June ??. How to join the Event: Join Tainted Onez and post in the Introduce Yourself board. You will earn: One of 10 Hidden Stamps + 1,000 Gold.
  12. LadySalya

    Tainted Onez

    Site Name: Tainted Onez URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Tainted Onez is a forum like no others. We allow members to role-play anything they want, from original settings to fandub settings from their favorite anime/game/etc. We also allow...
  13. LadySalya

    Tainted Onez Events and such

    I will update this thread with new events and anything new. Link: Goal: 50 members Members: 2 Events: Hidden Stamp Event + Gold Hint: gold is forum money that members can use to buy things from the forum shops.
  14. LadySalya

    Tained Wingz

    Site Name: Tainted Wingz URL: [/B] Type:[/B] Website Site Info: Personal site that holds graphics, stories, artwork and more. Tainted Wingz got a new home, and I'm saving up for a domain. So yea. Also TW got a new forums which I host. Link: clicy Members are...
  15. LadySalya

    Completed TW Forums

    Site URL: Package: Garnet Total posts on your forum: 725 Packager Preferences: Anyone Area Preferences: Questions, Problems and Suggestions. and the Spam area. Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: Sure Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum...
  16. LadySalya

    My Graphics Show.

    Not really a show but I got some links to my graphics. My site's personal graphics: My wallpapers: <some are really old as others are new) Icons: Mixed graphics...
  17. LadySalya

    The Star Garden Forums

    cute forum. I'm on your other SM forum as my oc, uhm.. Can't think of her name off the top of my head. XD Would you like to affie with me? My forum is TW Forums. XD I hope we can help each other out. ^_^
  18. LadySalya

    Tained Wingz Forums aka TW Forums

    updates for Jan: -Hidden Stamp Event is over. -Half Moon Shop has added new items. -New theme. -New Prompt. -A pet shop has opened. -New fanfic areas. Which are: Uta no Prince-Sama, The Maze Runner, Overwatch, and Avengers. -Welcome Vais to Staff! He will be working out main Role-play! -New...
  19. LadySalya


    okay. Ty for moving it and thanks. ^^
  20. LadySalya


    I don't know where to post this, but I got a site that you can get $ fast. Here's my list: And you can use it to join. Post your link and I'll click it to help you out. You earn $5 per click. I don't know if it's a spam yet, but if it works, I want to share...