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    GeezeZone just hit 7k posts.

    Congratulations @Abizaga That is a great stride. The future looks bright for Doing over 7000+ plus within a year is a great achievement.
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    Are Forum Owners doing SEO for their forum?

    Sure, i will research more on this and come up with a plug n' play solution for board owners. It's a tall order, but i will be doing it for my boards. If it works, i will rinse & repeat en share! Especially for the hundreds of game boards out there. Keyword research is necessary. You cannot...
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    Where to invest money when creating a forum.

    This is how I allocate my resources. (in the first 3 years of my board) COMPONENT Money (%) Time (%) Why? Marketing 0 % 0% Incentivizing members is a wrong move. Advertisement (Paid) 0% 0% No need. Features (plugins) 1% 0% People don't come to see looks and features. Only the necessary...
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    Are Forum Owners doing SEO for their forum?

    It is still in the works. I will start posting early next month. We should share notes. There is a need for forum-specific SEO skills/tips/tricks/hacks whatever the name should be.
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    New forum idea blogboards

    Good, Idea. I read a lot, I write a lot recently. Most of my websites and forum depend on writing. So this is something I can consider. Just a quick one. The first Google Ad placement doesn't do justice to the overall cute look of the forum. Check it out. It pushes the main board down.
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    Are Forum Owners doing SEO for their forum?

    1. Are forums dying? 2. Why is my forum not ranked on Google? 3. I cannot see my nice threads indexed on google, even when i submit to google search console. 4. My competitors are getting more members daily, why not me? I am sure you have asked yourself at least one if not all the questions...
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    Need some advice on which route to go for my forum

    Congratulations bro. This is a good forum. I had such an idea back in 2017...but happened :) My 2 cents: FOR Forum looks neat, professional, and good for your target market. Easy to navigate through. The live Bitcoin and stock market thing is a killer (you will show me how to add...
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    Small post exchange with my general blog

    Post exchange 3/3 with ?
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    Selling Blog posts on my website

    That is a good site. Congrats. But something doesn't add up! Either you are using a wrong tool to check your traffic, or could it be that my tools are faulty?! At 10K visits per day, you should be ranking way up there! Not sub1,000,000
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    Forum/Blog Spotlight - GeezeZone

    Sure, Check these out: Please read my articles too. Same Username as here :cool:
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    Free WANTED! Bloggers

    Good idea. I like it.
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    Forum/Blog Spotlight - GeezeZone is the greatest forum i have joined this year! At least one thing i thank the lockdown for :-) This forum is like a time machine! Once you join, it will take you back in time. The nostalgia of the good old days. I just love reminiscing on how sweet life was back int the days. It...
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    What vehicle do you drive?

    I have two Footsubishi 2020 i love them!!! Over 35+ years now and still on the road!!
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    GZ hit 5000 posts!

    Congrats bro.
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    Ebooks on Forum management?

    Read that one. Thank me later.
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    Closed Selling Webmaster Forum

    Great forum! Am interested, but i may not need the Wotlab license. I prefer Xenforo. Can we negotiate? Just Quick Question, why are you selling, just two months down the line. It seems to have been picking up. How about we join hands and take it? And Xenforolize it? :-)
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    hi i am new

    Welcome to his awesome community. I bet you will enjoy your stay here.
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    WTB Hiring Article Writers

    Is this still open?
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    50FPS per post I make or

    Is this still on, we can deal. I will post 20 on your forum and pay 25FPs.
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    50 FP per Confession on

    Easy 50FP for simply posting an anonymous confession. Atleast 80-100 characters long. Make it sound real and emotional.