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  1. Reverie

    Atrium has reached 100 Members

    Please join me in celebration - Atrium has reached 100 members! We're currently at about 1/8th of how many members we had previously. I'm excited to continue to grow with all the awesome people of Atrium. Now on to 101..... then 200! :D
  2. Reverie

    Atrium 1 month anniversary |7,000 Posts & 800 Topics

    Join us in celebrating 7,000 posts and 800 topics. As well as..... HAPPY 1 MONTH REBOOTED ATRIUM <3
  3. Reverie

    Do you want to live to 100?

    Do you want to live to 100? I've heard some people saying they only wanted to live to 50 and such.. for different reasons of course. What about you? Are you hopeful to live to 100?
  4. Reverie

    Disliking people

    Are there people you just really don't like, even though how hard you try to like them? How do you handle that?
  5. Reverie

    Trying to be nice

    Do you ever try to be nice even when you don't want to? I've had several examples of this. Although I'm naturally a kind person, when I feel walked on and such, it's hard to be kind. I also remember when a kid from school was a loner and she'd follow me around, I really always disliked her...
  6. Reverie

    Do we need more promotion forums?

    Do you think we need more promotion forums? Why or why not? I honestly think if we had more proper advertising in one place, it wouldn't be a big issue. Because then it'd be like a "community hub". But since this isn't the case however, I find that more promotion forums will likely have...
  7. Reverie

    PM advertisers

    How do you handle pm advertisers? Do you mind pm advertising? Do you just give them a reminder to not do it?
  8. Reverie

    Atrium - Community Feedback Loved<3

    Site Name: Atrium Date Opened: July 20th, 2018 [the current version] Review Requested (Quick/Advanced): Neither ;) Community Feedback Notes: Would love to hear peoples thought's of Atrium. We are always trying to grow and expand for more participants. We have some changes in mind, but we would...
  9. Reverie

    Completed Atrium - Ruby

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Total posts on your forum: 6,849 Packager Preferences: Anyone. Area Preferences: Would prefer you to post within entertainment/gaming areas if possible, but all areas are welcome. Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No Extra Notes...
  10. Reverie


    Do you have a hero? Who is it? Perhaps it is an online hero, a relative, or a peer, maybe even a coworker. Why is that particular person your hero?
  11. Reverie

    Favorite meal of the day

    When it comes down to it, what is your favorite meal of the day? Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, 4th meal (late night dinner) Why is that your favorite?
  12. Reverie


    Ever been to a bonfire? Or really... have you ever spent time talking around a camp fire? One of my favorite things, but I end up hating the smell of the smoke. :o
  13. Reverie


    Chips and queso/cheese.... This food is amazing. xD Do you like chips and cheese? Have you tried it? Would you want to try it if you haven't? I also have been dipping tortillas in queso lately xD best thing ever.
  14. Reverie

    Atrium reaches 5,000 posts!

    5,000 Posts! Come one come all, Atrium has reached 5,000 posts! With this we also celebrate out 74 members and 662 threads we've created! Thread celebrating: See you soon:
  15. Reverie


    Have you ever taken an airplane before? :o Did you like flying?
  16. Reverie

    What do you drive?

    What vehicle do you drive? Do you have your own vehicle, do you lease or borrow from someone? I currently drive a 2017 Ford Explorer that is my baby <3
  17. Reverie


    Do you like being outside, or do you prefer to be indoors mostly? If you do like to be outside, what do you like to do?
  18. Reverie


    Do you feel like you get in arguments often? How do you typically handle arguments?
  19. Reverie

    When are you online?

    What times are you typically online? :o All day? Just on for 4 minutes every once and a while?
  20. Reverie


    Do you have any friendships that have lasted years? Who is your longest friendship (Online/offline)