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    FP lookalikes thread

    Post lookalikes to FP members. I'll start with me :P ... 7888_n.jpg
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    How much emotion do you have?

    How emotional are people here? Personally I have hardly any emotion to be honest... <.<
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    What do people think here of Bitcove? As you may or not know, Bitcove is an American based company ran by Joey Squires and Craig Tumblison. At the moment despite having very ambitious plans (they want a datacenter and whatever in the future) they are still buying domains...
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    Songs of Praise

    Does anyone here watch it? :P
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    Looking for Moderators

    Hi all, We are looking for two dedicated, professional staff members to fulfil the role of moderator on Crystal Promotion. Expectations when taking the job *For you to possess the qualities mentioned above (dedication and professionalism) *For you to check the moderator control panel and...
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    Paying for posts on Crystal Promotion Get paid 18FP cash per post you make and 22FP per topic. Maximum of 20 combined posts.
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    Possibly looking for a business partner

    Hi all, I am on the potential lookout for a business partner. Anyone interested must have a reasonable amount of spare time on their hands and must have a good attitude towards business. If you are interested in working with me PM me using the follow application. Name: Age: Location...
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    Martin O'Neill resigns

    Thoughts? In my opinion it depends who they get to replace him... he did a good solid job but nothing more and lacked ambition with his transfers on the whole and they weren't really progressing much with him... three years in a row they came sixth.
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    New Style + More

    The site has under gone a huge change, we have a brand new style, its a heavily adapted version of an old abandoned style by Christian Bullock, all the css and image files have been update and all the template files have been heavily modified, I have also made various changes to the imageset. A...
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    Rainbow dirty version Hilarious.
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    Lack of motivation

    Recently I just have no motivation for my forum... has anyone got any good advice on how to motivate yourself with your forum?
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    Working Class vs Middle Class

    Which class of people are more important to society? For me it has to be the working class. Without them the backbone of society would not exist and society could cope without the middle class, which is not the case for the working class. :P
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    Biffy Clyro- Only Revolutions

    Love this album, got some real top notch songs, Mountains, Know your Quarry and The Captain are probably my favourites. Anyone else listened to it?
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    I'm back on FP, much earlier than expected. I'd like to thank the administrators for their fairness and understanding, much appreciated. :great:
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    Common People I actually quite like the Tories but that's quality.
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    10,000 posts at Admin Community!

    We now have 10,000 posts! Join us today and be part of the ever growing, expanding community!
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    Various images needed

    Type of Graphic: Slogan Image, Logo, Icon for news Size in pixels: 546x75 Type of payment: FP cash Link to forum or screenshot: Not available at the moment Colour scheme: Logo= Light blue, logo transparent background, news icon, read below Text / Subtext on image: Slogan= Quality posting at a...
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    Paying for topics & posts

    Hi, I am paying out FP$ for posts & topics on Admin Community My rate is as follows 15FP$ per post 20FP$ per topic in the general areas 25FP$ per topic in the on topic forums Maximum of 10 posts/topics without my approval. :P
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    Selling PR1 footer links for FP$

    Hi, I am selling links in the footer of Admin Community for 1,000FP$ per month. We have a PR1. If you are interested send payment and I'll add your link ASAP.
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    Blog Commenting service added on AC!

    Based on user feedback a blog commenting service has been added on AC; ... entry14144