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  1. Rok

    colored simple ranks

    Blank Image:
  2. Rok

    3 Posts for 1 Post

    Forum link: Your name on the board: Rok Exchange details: I'm looking for people to submit their forum into my forum's Forum of the Month competition (which is found here.) Once you submit your forum, I'll make 3 posts on your forum. Be sure that you haven't already...
  3. Rok

    Dead Island

    I had the game reserved and I got it yesterday when it was first released. I've been playing it ever since I've gotten it, and I think it's a pretty great game. Has anyone else played it yet?
  4. Rok

    Free Posts! is giving away free posts to everyone! If you are interested, then just click on the image above. You'll receive anywhere from 1 post to 10 posts on your forum, and there's no cost whatsoever; it's just to be generous! :)
  5. Rok

    Facebook's new 'Ticker' feature.

    What do you guys think of the new Ticker feature that Facebook just a few minutes ago?
  6. Rok

    5 posts for only 1 post!

    Forums Rule! is looking for requests for one of its services. I am offering 5 posts for each person who requests the 'The Spotlight' service. The requesting template can be found here. Don't worry about the posting requirement. I'll vouch for you considering this exchange. Also, if you don't...
  7. Rok

    Can somebody do this for me real quick?

    I know this sounds stupid, but I can't find out when my domain expires. This is something that I never had a chance to figure out doing. The domain is and it seems to already be down, but I just want to see if it's because of an expired domain. Thanks!
  8. Rok

    Light Ranks

    Thought it was pretty unique...
  9. Rok

    30 FP Cash for submitting your forum into FOTM.

    I am willing to give 30 FP Cash to everyone who submits their forum into Forums Rule!'s Forum of the Month #2 Competition. I hope to see many submissions! :)
  10. Rok

    Forum of the Month #2 Submissions

    Forums Rule! is now hosting the second Forum of the Month competition. If you would like to submit your forum, then please visit this topic. We decided to start allowing anyone who submits their forum to advertise the competition on their forum so that they can get their community to vote and...
  11. Rok

    7/7 with Forums Rule!

    I'm looking to have a 7/7 post exchange on my forum, I'd like all of the posts to be in the 'Discussing Forums' category, in any of those five discussion forums. If you're interested, then just reply to this topic, and please be sure to wait until I accept the exchange...
  12. Rok

    Selling posts CHEAP! $0.03 per post! $0.05 per topic!

    I am selling posts for $0.03 per post and topics for $0.095 per topic. If you would like to buy any of these posts/topics, just simply head over to, get the template found in my forum's package guidelines, post a new topic in that section, and we will sort everything out...
  13. Rok

    Free Reviews Forever

    Forums Rule! now offers free reviews forever! You only need to have 15 posts to request. We decided to get rid of the Credits system, so you no longer have to pay Credits for a review anymore. Hope you guys request one! We also have a new, sleek reviewing template.
  14. Rok

    Final Destination 5

    Looks like there's another one coming soon. zLKR3GdIK80
  15. Rok

    Deleting members with 0 posts.

    What's your opinion on deleting members with 0 posts on your forum?
  16. Rok

    $0.03 per post! $0.05 per topic!

    Forums Rule! is now offering paid packages. Our posts are only $0.03 and our topics are only $0.05. Hurry up and request them while they're extremely cheap! The prices will jump up a few cents later. Please check out the post amde in the guidelines here.
  17. Rok

    Paid Packagers

    I'm looking for people for Forums Rule! who would like to get paid to post on forums. You will be paid (by the person who requests the posts) $0.03 for each post that you make and $0.05 for each topic that you make. If you're interested in this or have any questions, let me know in this topic.
  18. Rok

    Free GFX and FP Cash! Plus, get 25FP for submitting to FOTM!

    I am willing to offer 20 FP Cash and my graphic design services for free. All you have to do to receive 20 FP Cash and my free graphics is to open up a graphic request in this section on I'm only looking for 1-2 requests per individual. If you would like to see some of...
  19. Rok

    ~ Free Reviews! ~

    Forums Rule! is giving away free forum reviews until the 15th of July, which is this Friday. If you would like to request for a free review, please check out the guidelines. Also, keep in mind that we are only offering the 'Neutral' forum reviews for free. Requesting the 'Neutral' forum review...
  20. Rok

    6 Posts for 100 FP Cash.

    I'm offering 100 FP Cash to the first person who replies to this topic, saying that they would like to make 6 posts on my forum. I want all of the posts in the 'Zombie Scenarios' section, and I want the posts to be posted in the oldest topics so that they can be brought back up. Thanks!