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    Isn't it amazing...

    ...that after all these years this forum is still here? Seeing some of the original members in the 'Who was online today' box got me thinking about the good old days. It seems odd now thinking back to how much time was spent on this forum and when leaving I hardly ever visited in six years...
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    Urgent request

    Type of Graphic: Small Icon(s) Size in pixels: Unsure Type of payment: FP Cash (negotiate via PM) Link to forum or screenshot: N/A Colour scheme: Just black Text / Subtext on image: N/A Link to images (if applicable): N/A Notes?: In need of several small icons similar to...
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    Murder he Wrote Resigns

    Hello FP Community, Murder he Wrote has decided to step down as a Forum Promotion administrator. The reason for Murder he Wrote deciding to resign is because he would like to spend more time on personal projects that are offline. Murder he Wrote has been a great servant to FP and has been with...
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    CMM Made Full Time Admin!

    Hello FP members, A few weeks back you heard the news that CarMadMike had been made a temporary admin whilst me and Murder he Wrote were both away. We have both been really impressed with the job Mike has done in the past few weeks and has been given the admin position permanently. Mike said...
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    New Temporary Admin

    Hello FP Community, As you know Fowler resigned not so long ago and with me going away and MhW being busy with other things we need someone to help keep FP running. CarMadMike will become a temporary admin for one week to help MhW. We feel Mike deserves this as he has been a staff member for a...
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    Fowler resigns

    Hi FP Community, I am sad to announce that due to personal reasons Fowler has decided to resign from his position as Administrator on FP. I would like to thank Fowler for all the great work he has done over the past two years for FP. We do not know if we will be looking for a replacement yet...
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    Who will win the Premier League?

    Well the new season starts this Saturday, who do you think will win the EPL this season?
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    Forum Promotion Styles

    Live Demo: Live Demo: Would anyone be interested in buying a copy of these styles? PM me or Fowler if you are interested and we will discuss it further.
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    Happy Birthday orc_dragoon!

    Two birthdays in one day today! Happy birthday ORC Dragoon, I hope you have a good day!
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    Plans for the summer...

    What are your plans for this summer? Are you going on holiday? If yes where are you going?
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    Two Faced People/Backstabbing

    I am sure we have all come across this and over the past few weeks I have noticed it a lot. Don't you just hate it when someone is really nice to your face but then as soon as your back is turned or your not there they have little digs. What do you think of it and has it ever happened to you?
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    FP Quiz

    Welcome to the Official FP Quiz! Different questions will be asked, and whoever answers them first will receive a prize, which differs depending on the difficulty of the question. The prize goes to the first person to answer the question, on this thread. The answers will be looked at by the...
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    I don't know about you but the past couple of days in the UK have been really hot. It is probably the hottest it has been in a long time. I do enjoy it when it is hot as we don't get that many really hot days here but I can't stand it when you can't get to sleep because of the heat. How is the...
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    TV shows you would like to appear on...

    If you could pick any TV show you could go on or be the star of for however long you like, which TV show would it be?
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    Barry Ferguson and Alan McGregor

    Did anybody hear about what these two did? I think it is a disgrace and it just shows that they have no respect for their country and manager. They made one mistake and their punishment was to miss the next Scotland international match against Iceland but instead of just accepting the...
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    New Template & Other Updates

    Hello Forum Promotion Community, As you should have noticed by now we have a brand new custom template along with a whole new website. All this made designed by Murder he Wrote and it will be the first ever default light template we have had here. Murder he Wrote has done a great job on the...
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    Premier League run in

    Well with only 8 or 9 games to go in the Premier League now the title race and relegation battles are really starting to heat up. Who do you think will win the Premier League and what three teams to you think will be playing there football in the Championship next year?
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    April Fools Day

    Did you fall for any April Fools day pranks today or did you do some to other people?
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    Goal (1 & 2)

    Just wondering has anybody seen any of the goal films?
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    Women in sport

    I noticed that the English women cricket team won the cricket world cup the other day and it got me thinking. I didn't notice that they had won it until I saw a small article on the internet about it. Had this had been the male cricket world cup who had won it would have been all over the back...