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    Guess who's back?

    Well, after some life changing things Ive converted and Im now embracing Hinduism. Its extremely life changing and Im glad Ive decided to embrace it. Besides that Ive been chillin and shiz. So whats everyone been up to?
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    Reason's I might be Switching from Windows 7

    Ive been a part time linux user for at least 3 years now and I have become very comfortable with the environment. Windows 7 is a OS that you really can't go "wow" about, because sure they do have a fancy taskbar and a wide variety of supported software. The thing is that windows 7 can simply be...
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    Free Neobux Ebooks to Help Increase Your Earnings

    Website Name: NeobuxEbooks Website link: Description: Ever wanted some free ebooks that was based around neobux? Want to increase your earnings or learn more about neobux gold accounts? Well, this is the place to find a collection of updating ebooks that will allow...
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    Earn Money using Twitter

    Site Name - Referral Link - Description - Are you looking to earn some quick money, but don't know how? Well, this is the perfect solution! If you have a large database of followers, why not earn from them? is a cool system that finds...
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    My netbook ( Optimized for school usage ) :)

    I finally got up to optimizing my netbook to be excellent for school usage. Heres the results: Full view ( Yes the N key is missing, lost it like 1-2 months ago..*RIP*...still can type fast on it now :) ) ... -174138992 Screenshot...
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    Name Brand Shoes vs "Off" Brand Shoes

    Do you have to have name brand shoes? or do you get the off brand shoes? I usually buys vans, but this year for school I found a pretty badass looking pair at wallmart for half the cost of vans.
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    Looking for Beta Testers ( Earn Money )

    Im going to try something a little bit new with An Admin's Mind blog, as Im the kind of person who loves to share money. So, Im opening an affiliate program that is pretty straight forward. This is how it will work. You Find Buyers for Advertisements -> Client Buys Ads -> I receive Money -> You...
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    Can't log in on other PC

    Ive entered my user name EXACTLY as it is shown in my profile and, changed my password and still can't log in. Im trying to use my netbook to login. Its running Ubuntu Netbook Remix ( Latest Version ) with an updated version of firefox ( Not 4 )
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    Electric Six

    HTN6Du3MCgI 2a4gyJsY0mc Very strange, but yet some very interesting songs. Anyone else listen to Electric Six?
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    American Life and How it's not "Free"

    Website Name: American Life and How it's not "Free" Website link: Description: This is just my personal blog for ranting and Almost everything else I can think of.
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    OMG Subscriber Section and Premade/custom Mybb Themes

    As a step forward we now have some custom themes that can be downloaded and used. These themes did take some time to make so you do have to pay to download them; This is a small fee of only $3 every 2 months. We currently have 2 Custom themes ready for download and 1 in the making. So, feel...
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    xxBlue - A Minimalist Mybb Theme ( In Creation )

    Heres my latest Project: ... goon/3.gif ... goon/2.gif ... goon/1.png
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    Do you keyboard it?

    If your a laptop or netbook user do you use an external mouse and keyboard when your not on the move? If so what keyboard do you use?
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    Affiliate with An Admins Mind Community

    Site Name: An Admins Mind Community Link: What types of forums you want to affiliate with (can be any): other Webmaster type forums. You must have a TLD! Preview of Button:
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    Tim Capello - I still believe

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    This is probably the weirdest request possible, but truly almost every other website has some secure form of there website, even though phpbb is a pretty secure script. Im sure it will make me and a couple other members to be happy with SSL and https. If this is possible, please implement it...
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    Cheapest Advertising!

    Blog: 125x125 at 3.00 for 30 Days - Purchase Here 10.00 for 3 Months - Purchase Here 468x60 at ( 2 Person Rotation ) $5 for 30 days - Purchase Here Forum: 468x60 at $1.25 for 30 Days ( 5 People Rotation...
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    Alpha Package

    Forum Url: Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma): Alpha Date your forum started: 07-08-2010 Total posts on your forum: 303 Extra Notes: Please upload an Avatar and no Advertising please.
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    Ventrillo Anyone?

    Just bought a five person Ventrillo for AAM and Im looking to get some people in it to chat up. If your interested, pm me and I can give you the details ( Must stay confidential ).