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  1. Sam

    Selling Domains for Sale (FP$/FC$ or $)

    Free push via Namecheap. Will take FP$, FC$ or PayPal. Looking for 6000FP, 1200FC or $12 each. The first domain would be great for a debate/discussion forum, community or social network. The second domain is for the popular programming language Lua. It's a language used to make apps and games.
  2. Sam

    Free FREE --- Website! ---

    Hello, You may, or may not, know that I started as an experiment to see whether members of ForumPromotion and ForumCoiners would like a non-discord chat option. Although the site has not taken off, I STILL believe the need is there. The chatroom simply needs a dedicated...
  3. Sam

    << >> Added to Hive Gamurs!, an awesome (custom built!!) social gaming platform, have added image hosting! Hive Gamurs are the the first communitiy to add the image upload plugin! Thank you @Jordan :heart: A bunch of common forum software are available, otherwise a custom button can be added...
  4. Sam

    Completed Garnet

    Site URL: Package:Garnet Total posts on your forum: 20? Packager Preferences: Area Preferences: Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion in their signatures on your forum? You're welcome to do a shameless plug...
  5. Sam

    Chat real-time with FP members!

    Site Name:! URL: Type: Forum? Chatroom Site Info: Website:! I thought it would be cool to have a real time chatroom. Here is is.... :D You don't have to signup! Three awesome rooms... Chat, Money Money Money, Shameless Plugs (to promote your stuff!)...
  6. Sam

    [CLOSED] Earn $50FP with || Repeat Me!

    YOU CAN ALSO EARN $20FC ($0.20) FOR COMPLETING THIS TASK HERE: Paying $50FP. Upload (or upload via a link) an image to Post that image in a correct category on Reddit. (must be to the view link e.g. share the link that looks...
  7. Sam

    Fast & FREE Forum Image Hosting!

    Site Name: URL: Type: website Site Info: Add to your forum to get free, fast image hosting for your community! Just an image host/sharing site with great features. On a CDN --> FAST. (Adult content is allowed but must be marked as unsafe).
  8. Sam


    Site URL: Package (Garnet/Emerald/Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Marble/Obsidian): Sapphire Total Posts: ~4,600 Packager Preferences: (Any preferences on who you would like to complete this package) Extra Notes: Thanks! <3
  9. Sam

    4000 posts @ :)

    I missed it (sitting a full license test) but hostBB has reached 4,000 posts! We're still going strong with a great weekly competition for our members. :nyan:
  10. Sam


    Site URL: Package (Garnet/Emerald/Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Marble/Obsidian): Saphire Total Posts: 3493 Packager Preferences: Anyone interested in webmaster/admin/hosting/promotion etc. Extra Notes: Thanks so much! :heart:
  11. Sam - Weekly contest!

    hostBB now has a regular weekly contest for our best poster. :nyan: Prizes: 1st: $10 Or a .com/.net or .org domain pushed to your Namecheap Account. All the details can be found here. Join in the fun and win! Congratulations to last weeks winner @Binu. We hope to add lots more hosting...
  12. Sam


    Site URL: Package (Garnet/Emerald/Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Marble/Obsidian): Sapphire Total Posts: 2500ish Packager Preferences: Just anyone interested in the any of: WebHosting/ Webmaster/ Admin/ Programming /Business & Marketing related topics please! :D Extra Notes: Thanks...
  13. Sam


    Site URL: Package (Garnet/Emerald/Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Marble/Obsidian): Sapphire Total Posts: 2095 Packager Preferences: Hissae2 / MeowsePad / Giorgios Extra Notes: Thanks so much! <3
  14. Sam 2K Post Milestone! has hit 2,000 posts! Thank you to everyone in the community. :heart: Onward and upward! You still have time to win our Top Member Posting contest! :)
  15. Sam

    1 Topic for 100FP!

    Make 1 topic in on the main boards of for 100FP$. Pretty easy huh? :shrug: note: can only be completed once.
  16. Sam

    Advertise Contests

    I feel like I have some pretty cool contests. What are some places where I could promote them?? :)
  17. Sam

    $60 Posting Contest at! is very pleased to announce a fun Monthly Top Member Contest! Prizes: 1st: $30 2nd: $15 3rd: $5 Staff Voted* : $10 It's a Posting/ Points contest which a $60 prize pool for our best members. Check out all the information here. GO GO GO! :nyan: :nyan: :nyan:
  18. Sam

    1000 Questions @ QneedA

    The question and answer community. Ask questions. Share your knowledge. QneedA has reached a pretty important milestone! 1000 Questions. :D Stats: 1000 Questions with 2556 Answers and 245 Comments. Our Top Member Contest is going swimmingly. Join in the fun and have a crack at a $130...
  19. Sam


    Site URL: Package (Garnet/Emerald/Topaz/Sapphire/Ruby/Marble/Obsidian): Sapphire Total Posts: 3770 Packager Preferences: (Any preferences on who you would like to complete this package) Extra Notes: Please keep questions suited to a question&answer site. I would love homework...
  20. Sam

    Review Your Host and Win$$ $100

    hostBB is having a BEST review contest. Submit a review of your favourite or abhorrent webhost and you could win $100. Check out the details here and submit your review here. Good luck! :nyan: hostBB is a new webhosting community.