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    When do you become an adult?

    When you're 18.
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    Is there a way to change a username?

    Is there a way to change a username?
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    What is your biggest Pet Peeve?

    People who play their music very loudly in their cars. I was once stuck in a car with a driver that was blaring his rap music very loudly.
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    Deserted Island

    A city.
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    Favorite Drink

    I like fruit smoothies. Water is pretty good too.
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    Avatars on the left or right of the message?

    The avatars being on the left feels more comfortable.
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    Would you rather have members who ...

    Both are fine, to be honest.
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    Political Forum

    Our members have made a total of 3428 posts We have 38 registered members The newest member is Audmanout Most users ever online was 10 on Nov 11 2018, 02:42 PM
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Mad Magazine - Funny or not?

    I read a mad magazine before. It's cool.
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    FP Brexit Poll

    Remain. A lot of "Leave" people seem to dislike immigration.
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    Do you need to be an established expert to do things?

    Most people aren't politicians but constantly criticize them. The answer is no.
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    Cajun Chicken Just Isn't Hot

    Never even heard of Cajun Chicken 'til now.
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    How to make treadmills less boring?

    Have your friend dump legos on the treadmill while you run barefoot. That'll make things less boring.
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    Where do you see yourself?

    Where's a good job but no family?
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    Is END GAME worth going to the cinema for?

    Yes, you should go. It's great.
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    Avengers: Endgame

    It's a good movie.
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    Dead Forums

    There are several forums I can think of where the main admin is inactive but the community as a whole is still active.