1. Jordan

    Effective use of Google Ads

    I've been using Google Ads for some time for a lot of my websites with some sites showing positive reception, well others not so much. I decided to set up a couple campaigns for my Hive Gamurs website and pretty sure I f*cked up somewhere :rolleyes: With these campaigns, I am targeting certain...
  2. johnthan

    Difference between ad & sponsor ad

    I am want to know how the prices are set for these kinds of ads... As we all know ad places cost monthly and all depends on the site performances. What about sponsor ad... How it should be charged(rate)? Is it charged on monthly basis? Please show the purpose of it because it seems very...

    Why pay for social media Ads for your business/website? Get it FREE!

    Site Name: Forumine URL: Type: Forum, Blog Site Info: Many spend decent time checking out their Alexa website's ranking, Make use of their specialized tool for the discovery of their traffic sources, Pay social networks to run ads, or some "SEO experts". A survey by Netcraft...