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  1. Nu Dragon

    RPG-Unlimited: Multi Role-Playing Community Since 2005!

    Site Name: Rpg-Unlimited URL: http://rpg-unlimited.boards.net/ Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Hobby Description: Welcome to our nation! 'RPG Unlimited’ is a long-standing active community offering role-playing and other various interests in entertainment since 2005! We have...
  2. Grimoire

    oRealm | A Forum for All

    Site Name: oRealm URL: http://orealm.net/index.php Type: Forum Site Info: oRealm is a Forum which has room for Everyone. oRealm is a General Discussion Forum which will mostly focus on Market eventually, but all in all is just a simple one stop shop. Most forums that strive for General...
  3. vampireforu

    Check out AnimeForU

    Site Name: AnimeForU URL:http://www.animeforu.com Type: Forum Site Info: AnimeForU a fan base anime forum to talk and discuss everything anime. (Please note if you have adult content in your website in the field above.)
  4. Grimoire

    Underwurld.net // New Small Community // Custom Theme // General Discussion

    Site Name: Underwurld URL: http://underwurld.net/ Type: Forum Site Info: Hi, I've started a new Small Community that I plan on working on diligently to make the best out of and learn as a forum owner with over time. Underwurld is meant to stay in it's own lane and be a Small Community where...
  5. Beyonder

    Fictional Battle Omniverse

    Site Name: Fictional Battle Omniverse URL: Fictional Battle Omniverse Type: Forum Description: Fictional Battle Omniverse #1 Online Source for Comics, Anime, Video Games, Debating Forum and #1 Wikia around the Internet since 2014 the site is growing annually and surrounds around blogging, news...
  6. Grimoire

    Doom.sx // New Small Community // Custom Theme // Custom Plugins // Technology // General

    Site Name: Doom URL: http://doom.sx/index.php Type:Forum Site Info: Doom is undergoing a lot of Live work. There's a lot of features that aren't currently functioning and a good amount of place holders but I'd rather work and let people see live changes than close the board till I finished...
  7. Claraviolet

    Completed AMF vs Kodibeginner

    Site Name: Anime Manga Forum Genre of Site: Entertainment Link to Site: https://animemangaforum.com/ Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional):
  8. BrendanWh

    Magical Girl Forum

    Site Name: Magical Girl Forum URL: https://magicalgirlforum.com/ Type: Forum Tags: Magical Girl, Anime, Manga, Forum Site Info: Magical Girl Forum (aka MGF) is a forum dedicated to everything Sailor Moon, Precure, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ojamajo Doremi, and other...
  9. Ark

    MangaMaid.com - AniManga Community (and more :D)

    Site Name: MangaMaid URL: http://www.mangamaid.com Type: Forum Site Info: MangaMaid is a project between 4 of us friends who have been attracted to anime and manga for a lot of years, We always have gathered on forums and stayed there for years till we finally decided to make our own community...
  10. I


    Site Name: Icevash URL: http://icevash.ml Type: Forum Site Info: A forum site where you can discuss things related to the topic you're browsing! We take requests for new sections and we hand pick moderators we think are best suited for the job. We take complaints about moderators seriously. If...
  11. MrDangem

    AnimeFused - Post Exchange 5/5 Only

    Forum Link: http://animefused.com About Us AnimeFused.com is all about general discussion of anime and manga. Anything like opinions, previews and reviews from all anime lovers worldwide plus anime top list, drawings, fan arts, pictures, videos, anime quotes and more!. Your name on the board...
  12. Shirou

    Completed Sugoi Desu! Community Vs. BaySide Gamers!

    Site Name: Sugoi Desu! Community Genre of Site: Anime, Manga, Design Link to Site: https://www.sugoidesu.net/ Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional): Good luck to everyone!
  13. BrendanWh

    Pretty Cure Forum

    Site Name: Pretty Cure Forum (or PCF) URL: https://prettycureforum.net/ Type: Forum Genre: magical girl, precure, pretty cure, anime, fan forum, roleplay, fanfiction Site Info: Hello, Pretty Cure Forum (aka. PCF) is a dedicated forum to pretty cure, and most of all, a fan pretty cure forum! As...
  14. Grimoire

    DiscussionZone || Chat, Chat, Chat!

    Hello Everyone, Come join DiscussionZone today and participate in endless General Discussion based topics! We cover topics such as Anime, Gaming, Technology, Health, Education, Love, Current Events, and Bad Habits. DiscussionZone was previously a forum a few years back, but I received...
  15. Beyonder

    Dragon Ball Multiverse

    Site Name: Dragon Ball Multiverse URL: Dragon Ball Multiverse Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Description: Dragon Ball Multiverse is a fan made forum for the purpose of Dragon Ball Discussions. (Not relating to the Fan Comics) it is based on the hit anime of the same name and...
  16. Tanuki

    RatherAwful - Click once, never want to leave again.

    Site Name: RatherAwful URL: https://ratherawful.com Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Discussion, Hobby Tags: Anime, comics, video games, manga, news, weapons, let's plays, computers Description: RatherAwful is a fun, freedom of speech based forum, with many types of things to do...
  17. MrDangem

    AnimeFused - Take Anime Further!

    Site Name: AnimeFused URL: http://animefused.com Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Discussion, Community, Passion & Hobby! Tags: anime pictures, anime graphics, anime reviews, latest anime, manga, anime quotes, anime games, anime discussion, anime on-going, anime completed...
  18. Cypher

    Forced Heroes | Animanga Roleplay Inspired By Dragon Ball

    Site Name: Forced Heroes URL:http://forcedheroes.jcink.net/ Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Entertainment/Media Tags: dragon ball (z), anime, manga, rpg, roleplay, naruto, bleach, shonen, animanga Description: Forced Heroes is a forum based, play by post...
  19. Shannon Apple

    SakugaCity.Com - Anime and Gaming Community

    The smaller print: While we are flattered to get such attention, please note that Sakuga City is not, and never will be, for sale. We are of course open to working with people in the industry, but the community belongs to the members. We've had too many inquiries into acquiring SC, and I don't...
  20. Shirou

    Otaku Forum - Looking for an Admin

    Hello there today! Hope you're doing all doing great. My community has been around for a while, really. We're going into two years now. We had some great activity, but that dwindled due to my inactivity. I got lazy, all there is to it. I'm back now, really. I've got my friend who's been...