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    We have now achieved over 29,500 views and 2,800 watch hours.
  3. Xyphien

    SEO, Logos, Animated Intros & Promo Videos

    As of September 10th, exactly a month ago Xyphien LLC has officially been registered as a LLC in the state of Indiana, USA. Because of this, we're doing some extremely cheap services to celebrate! Logos are $20 (Normal Price $40) Animated Intros: $40 (Normal Price $60) Product...
  4. Dotgician

    Sold closed

  5. ARx182

    Expired Logo Service

    I will design you a professional logo that meets your needs for as little as $5. Payment must be via PayPal. For $5, you will be given a PNG file of the logo. You will need to pay an additional $5 for the PSD. Some work I have done recently:
  6. B

    Selling Selling

    I created a ROBLOX forum about a month ago dedicated to just about all things ROBLOX. With me working full time, I just don't have any time for it. There's a couple active users but not much. Features Custom Category Graphics Shoutbox Slim Design Included With Sale Domain Hosting...
  7. Smokey

    A couple graphics for FP!

    I would like a few graphics made for Revillution. We started offering a streamer and content creator showcase and I would like a few graphics made in the same vein as the logo but with some added stuff to it that streamers and youtubers can stick in their vids. Here is the logo: What i'd...
  8. tori

    First 50 Users

    We have made some new user bars for people that are joining now! We have some new Elite user bars that will be posted on your profile for the first 50 people that join our site! They will stay forever :) They were made by Miki. They give you this gold name as well! We are working on so many more...
  9. Juneberry

    I made some things

    So I used my comic program to make a logo and matching group images that I forget the name of. And here's some other stuff I've made for various purposes~