1. Pennywise

    Completed The Fireside Chats

    Thank you in advance to the packagers that will work on this!
  2. Pennywise

    Completed The Fireside Chats

    Thank you in advance!
  3. Pennywise

    300 articles!

    The Fireside Chats now officially has 300 articles on it! I can't believe I've posted this many articles. You know what they say....time flies when you're having fun. Well, I've definitely enjoyed working on the blog so far.
  4. Pennywise

    Completed The Fireside Chats (Obsidian)

    Thank you guys in advance for working on this package!
  5. Pennywise

    Completed The Fireside Chats (Obsidian)

    Thank you in advance to the people working on this!
  6. Pennywise


    I've finally reached my goal of getting 100 followers on my blog, The Fireside Chats! My goal was actually to reach 100 followers by the end of the year but I did it. My the end of the year last year I was sitting at 49 followers if memory serves me correctly, so I've managed to double the...
  7. Pennywise

    ✔️ Completed The Fireside Chats vs. My Anime Forum

    Who wants to battle The Fireside Chats?
  8. Pennywise

    Completed The Fireside Chats (Obsidian)

    Thank you in advance for doing this package!
  9. Pennywise

    Completed The Fireside Chats (Obsidian Package)

    I just want to say thanks to the people that will be working on my package. I appreciate the hard work that the packagers put into their work.
  10. joycoding

    How To do that tech stuff??

    Type: Wordpress blog Site Info: Technology blog, solutions explained for day to day technology problems. URL: I highly appreciate your time in reviewing my blog and welcome your comments here. Thanks :-)
  11. DudeThatsErin - Erin's Blog about Tech, Life, and More!

    I just started up my blog again! I am so excited to share it! What do you guys think? I'd love responses!
  12. Ghost

    Do you create "alt" or fake member accounts on your own site?

    Hello everyone, I recently joined the blogging team and am considering writing an article about the pros and cons of creating alternate or fake member accounts on your own forum or blog. Many people have done this in the past to inflate the member/post counts & make their site look a bit more...
  13. Ghost

    Website Promotion in YouTube Videos

    YouTube videos are incredible for promoting your forum or website. A high quality tutorial, top 10 list, or even just "video blog" style content can bring a lot of traffic to your other online content. I have done it too many times to count, and I want to share some helpful tips with you. Don't...
  14. Oblivion Knight

    [Suspended] Nerdface - Post exchange

    Offer temporarily suspended due to a lack of spare time. The exchanges below shall remain active. Active exchanges 1.) @JoyFreak - Active/Active 2.) @Ash - 10/10 Weekly 3.) @TopSilver - Active/Active
  15. Ghost

    Pros and Cons of Hiding Dates on Your Forum or Blog

    You may be experiencing a content drought on your forum or blog, or perhaps you're simply familiar with the concept of hiding dates on content. Many older or less active sites have opted to completely hide the publishing date of their articles and content. There are many reasons to do this, such...
  16. D

    Dantes Blog

    Site Name: Dantes Blog URL: Type: Blog Site Info: My blog is dedicated to anything really. I mainly use it to share what's going on in my life, what I'm doing and what I'm working on. I will post about other stuff from time to time. Anything really to be...
  17. D

    WOODS Development Blog

    Site Name: WOODS URL: Type: Blog Site Info: The WOODS development blog is where you can find and recieve updates for my upcoming game, WOODS. The blog covers everything from news, updates and sneak peeks of development. Feel free to come and look.

    10 websites you wish you knew earlier

    The internet is indeed an e-world of its own. As of 2012, a survey by Netcraft, a provider of cybercrime disruption services across a wide range of industries based in the UK showed that a total number of 144,000 websites launched daily, which amounts to over 51 million annually. As of January...
  19. blogsurgeon

    The Y Chromosome ( A Blog for Men )

    Site Name: The Y Chromosome URL: Type: Blog site Site Info: What makes you a MAN? Beard? Muscles? Clothes? Or there is something much deeper in you which defines you. We, at The Y Chromosome, explore the intricacies of a man's DNA and break the stereotypical...
  20. blogsurgeon

    Howdy Everyone :)

    Hello Everyone, This is Sahil here. I am from Punjab, India and admin of I write about Digital Marketing, Blogging and related domains. Happy to connect with you all :)