1. Sam

    Chat real-time with FP members!

    Site Name:! URL: Type: Forum? Chatroom Site Info: Website:! I thought it would be cool to have a real time chatroom. Here is is.... :D You don't have to signup! Three awesome rooms... Chat, Money Money Money, Shameless Plugs (to promote your stuff!)...
  2. hazeldig

    Retro Insomnia

    Site Name: Retro Insomnia URL: Type: website (forum/blog) Site Info: A brand new community currently mostly centred around retro gaming, but we might offer discussions related to retro tech and media too. I'm just started this so don't expect too much activity yet...
  3. Emperor Sidious

    Charlie's Chill | General Chat Community

    Site Name: Charlie's Chill URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Charlie's Chill is a friendly general chat community where you can hang out and discuss with other members about certain topics. We even have a virtual cash system which you can use on betting...
  4. Reverie

    Atrium - Home Away From Home

    Site Name: Atrium URL: Category: Discussion Tags: Discussion, Community, General, Entertainment, Life, Food, Chat, Social, Resources Description: Our forum is essentially a home away from home, here you will find tons of people who are friendly, nice, and active. People...
  5. Ash

    ✔️ Completed LazyForums VS Open Carnage

    Site Name: LazyForums Genre of Site: General Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional):
  6. Kindle

    Siropu Chat :P

    I really want to see a chat system here, interacting with other members would be interesting.