1. nicodak

    Regionalis | Forums de discussion

    Website name : Regionalis | Forums de dscussion URL : Creation date : Sept. 2021 Logiciel : XenForo Langue : français Objet : Nous discutons des territoires français "régions" et "Outre-mer". Il existe un forum pour chaque région et d'autres forums sont consacrés à...
  2. cZeff

    New Twitch Affiliate Looking To Grow Community

    Hey everyone. I recently got back into streaming again big time. For affiliate in under two months and now striving to grow more. I wanna make this a career. My first goal in this though is to start making enough money to pay for new pc and TV(literally broke my tv night prior to this post...
  3. Gray

    Lokyr - Twitch Shenanigans :cat: Do you know what happens when a goofball of a weeb with a passion for gaming and connecting with new people streams his gameplay? You get Lokyr. -- I'm Lokyr! (pronounced Lo-key-er), but if you prefer you may call me Gray instead. I stream almost every day...
  4. Snail

    Back to basics!

    Hello i am a streamer known as Snail. i have been streaming for just over a month now on twitch now and smashed the affiliate goal. wanting to gain growth and become even better ASWELL as supporting others and help members of my comunity reach the achievements they are after i created a newly...
  5. Funkel - a Mincraft Community Forum

    Hello and welcome to The new Minecraft Community Forum What's minecom? Minecom is a community/discussion forum for all people who like to play Minecraft. The name is created by the words Minecraft and Community. On Minecom there are different categories where you can talk to...
  6. Ash | General Discussion Community

    Introducing Discussion Hub! Link: Discussion Hub is a general discussion community aiming to help you get a little blast from the past. Cast your mind back to 2014. Life was simple. Forums were full of coloured usernames, special userbars and tight-knit communities. We...
  7. leangreen76

    The Ivory Tower Although we're the new kid on the block (If ya can't beat em', join em), we're not going to promise you how we're different from other general forum or make this and that claims. The Ivory Tower is designed around a community - no gimmicks. Whilst other general...
  8. Malcolm

    Code Forum is looking for staff!

    Hello, Coders! Status: OPEN. Code Forum has recently surpassed 1000+ registered members and is looking for talented individuals to join our staff team to help shape our community. We are at a stage in our growth that we need to expand our staff team. With the expansion of our staff team, we...
  9. M

    MeowsePad Community

    Welcome to the MeowsePad Community promotional topic! Total posts 22455 • Total topics 867 • Total members 80 MeowsePad Community is a tight-knit community centered around nostalgia, gaming, friendship, and discussion. Our main goal is to be a laid back place for people to relax among...
  10. Cam!

    Community Team: Accepting Applications

    Hey guys! I hope you'll be glad to know that we are now officially accepting applications to be considered to join our Community Team. Members of the Community Team serve our community in many ways. This includes enforcing our forum rules, handling disputes between members, assisting new members...
  11. Malcolm

    What do you think of community involvement in creating community rules & guidelines?

    Hello everyone! So in an attempt to be more transparent with my community (CF), I have involved my community in making our rules and guidelines and have even released our moderation guidelines. In an attempt to be more transparent and trustworthy as a community. So first things first, I...
  12. Cam!

    Where do we go....? Where do we go now?

    Hi guys, my name is Cameron Taylor, and I am a 23 year old based in Nashville, TN. Figured I'd introduce myself, given that I've lacked a legitimate presence within this community for at least 2-3 months. I've made a few posts every once in a while when I've been able to log in, but I've really...
  13. Nu Dragon

    RPG-Unlimited: Multi Role-Playing Community Since 2005!

    Site Name: Rpg-Unlimited URL: Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Hobby Description: Welcome to our nation! 'RPG Unlimited’ is a long-standing active community offering role-playing and other various interests in entertainment since 2005! We have...
  14. FierceGod

    Ask me why i changed to Fierce Gaming from crappy name - LoL or Anything else

    Ask me why i changed to Fierce Gaming from the other crappy name - LoL or Anything else that strikes your fancy i would like to meet as any new members as possible i am only 36, but i am still a person that forums and forum/posting like communities are still needed & FUN! :wideyed:
  15. F

    Returning Member

    I am a returning member to the forum promotion community. I am looking to actively contribute to different posting communities as well as share my own.
  16. DylRicho

    AMA! (DylRicho)

    Go ahead and ask me anything! I'm pretty much an open book. :)
  17. StevenT

    Gaming Community UPGRADED (:

    Site Name: Gaming Central URL: Type: Forum/Blog Site Info: We are a gaming community website, created by gamers... for gamers. Our previous site had 14k members, but unfortunately, they were hosted on a different server which does not allow us to download member...
  18. skyline.

    ✔️ Completed Dynamik | Promotion | Gaming | Community

    Site Name: Dynamik Genre of Site: Promotion | Gaming | Community Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional):
  19. Jon

    Completed - Gaming Community Forum

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Total posts on your forum: 36,451 visible Packager Preferences: Someone who's committed to their work and knows gaming. Area Preferences: All boards - I'd rather more posts than threads unless threads are well made Would you like to upgrade all...

    What are some good forums in 2018?

    A simple Google search can depict the truth behind the fact that the best of forums were those that were created at least a decade ago. However, many will argue this isn't true especially with respect to the birth of unexplored niches. Take the crypto currency niche for example, a perfect...