1. Joshua Farrell

    Past Content Creation (Free/Paid)

    We have all considered paying for content to be made on our forums or blogs, and may have even paid to have it made. Perhaps some of us has even charged to create content for people. In your dealings with paying or creating content for payment of some sort (real money or through forum cash or...
  2. BonnieB

    Thanksgiving Discounts on Content, forum posting, virtual assisting services and more

    Fall is here and end of the year activities are picking up, calendars are filling, and social engagements are on the rise. Don’t miss out on all of the fun because you are stuck at home, or in the office, with a ton of work to do. Let the professionals at Paid Forum Posting step in and take some...
  3. Chase.

    Hire a Content Poster

    Hire a Content Poster I'm here to inform you that our newest feature "Hire a Content Poster" is now live. For any forum owner, it's hard to receive quality content. Free post exchanges never seem to satisfy our needs. Some content posters charge a crazy amount of money on websites like fiverr...
  4. Chase.

    Paid - $ Content Poster Admin Retail

    Are you interested in getting paid for your quality content ? Are you willing to join another forum and post content on their website? What do we need content writers for ? Admin Retail will have a new service in the near future. Forum owners will be able to buy posts coming from our content...
  5. Ghost

    Becoming an Online Resource for Traffic

    Building a new website, forum, or community is exciting and allows you to share your thoughts or even inventions with the world. However, so many webmasters and site administrators with the greatest of ideas struggle to convince people to read, watch, or share their content. Perhaps it is due to...
  6. Ghost

    Website Promotion in YouTube Videos

    YouTube videos are incredible for promoting your forum or website. A high quality tutorial, top 10 list, or even just "video blog" style content can bring a lot of traffic to your other online content. I have done it too many times to count, and I want to share some helpful tips with you. Don't...
  7. Ghost

    Pros and Cons of Hiding Dates on Your Forum or Blog

    You may be experiencing a content drought on your forum or blog, or perhaps you're simply familiar with the concept of hiding dates on content. Many older or less active sites have opted to completely hide the publishing date of their articles and content. There are many reasons to do this, such...
  8. RH-Calvin

    Content writing

    Anyone interested in writing content in exchange of forum cash?
  9. IdealMike

    High Authority Doc & Slide Submission SEO Ranking service $10

    One of the best ways to boost your rankings online andestablish yourself as an authority in your niche is to make use of high authority Google loved doc and slide sites. These high authority doc and slide sites are not only an excellent free platform for driving quality traffic to your site...
  10. James Conway

    Ways to Protect your Car’s Paint (Blog Content #1)

    Selling car blog content for 200FP$ the content is 1,067 words 5,644 characters it is already SEO friendly with wiki links and relative content links. (FCFS)
  11. James Conway

    What is the best way to get contributions?

    I have brought a site and I was wondering what the best way is to get people writing for it?
  12. James Conway

    Do You Accept Guest Posts?

    I have been writing a heck of a lot of content in my spare time and I'd just like to know if you accept contributions to your blog?
  13. Deyan

    You're welcome to post in our Blog section

    Hey Friends, Recently we've launched a BlogTube section on our platform. You can become one of our bloggers if you'd like. Please pm me. Cheers!
  14. xanaftp

    The Lovinity Community+ content exchanges

    I am looking to offer the following services with others via. The Lovinity Community+, subject to change without notice: forum post/comment exchange - I make X quality posts on your website, and in exchange I want X quality posts on mine. Posts can also include comments on content, such as...
  15. xanaftp

    Affiliate services for activist / advice / safe space social site

    I am offering affiliate services with other websites in exchange for an affiliation with my website, The Lovinity Community+ ( I would prefer to affiliate with similar websites... aka. social communities with one focus being on community support, activist websites, safe /...
  16. xanaftp

    My review on Composr CMS

    DISCLAIMER: I now work for the agency that develops Composr CMS. However, I will not let that bias my review for Composr CMS and avoid pointing out potential challenges and negatives to be balanced in my review. In addition, I've used Composr CMS (formally ocPortal) long before I started working...
  17. xanaftp

    Greetings from xanaftp

    Hello everyone. A friend of mine introduced me to these forums, given I'm someone who runs a social community website that is currently faced with very low member count and activity... and is looking to expand the member base of the website, but is having trouble doing so. I'm looking to...
  18. Heroin Forum

    Hello, My name is JoAnn...I am new!!

    Hey, guys, I am new to and am excited to build relationships with as many of you as I can. Our forum is for people in recovery, still in active Substance Use and for those who love us. We are building a great forum with lots of great content as well as amazing people. I hope...
  19. Kino

    The Lack of Passion

    I joined the web community back in 2006. This is where the internet was still a fairly new thing. High speed internet had just erupted over the web and people were going wild. Websites started spewing up all over the internet and it was great. I can’t even remember how many successful forums...