1. LunarScorpio

    DCRPG 1 Year Anniversary Contest!

    Come one, come all to Dream City RPG's first contest in celebration of our first year of being a forum! We have some lovely prizes that are the following: 1st Place: A contest winner trophy and $60 2nd Place: A contest participant trophy and $25 3rd Place: A contest participant trophy and $15...
  2. Cam!

    Info Site Battle Madness

    Hey guys, If you're a seasoned FPer, you know that we host our Site Battle Madness competition during the month of March. I've already been sending PMs to all kinds of folks in order to get enough entries to get this competition going, but I figured I should also post a public topic, in case I...
  3. Slix

    Poliwager Forums - Dunsparce Art Contest!

    Hi guys! We're doing a special Dunsparce Appreciation Contest over on Poliwager Forums, and we're welcoming any artist that wants to try their hand at designing something for it! The guidelines are posted on the Contest page, but we're open to seeing lots of different types of art featuring...
  4. jenna appleseed

    Thoughts Of You forum posting contest

    I've started a forum for my Dennis Wilson/Beach Boys fanzine & I'm running a little forum posting contest to win Beach Boys trading cards & Dennis Wilson/Two Lane Blacktop art stickers. You can post in any section except For Sale/Wants to enter & posts outside off topic count double. edit...
  5. Slix

    Poliwager Forums Summer 2018 Contest Giveaway! - Free Shirt!

    The Poliwager Forums Summer 2018 Contest Giveaway is now underway! We have a couple goals for the summer, reaching certain post, topic, and member count milestones! If we achieve these goals, 3 T-Shirts like the ones above will be given out to the members who contribute the most during the...
  6. SeanFace101

    ✔️ Completed SQ Post vs Kodi Beginner

    Site Name: SQ Post Genre of Site: General / News Link to Site: Type: Blog Extra Notes: Who wants to battle blogs? :D
  7. Jordan

    Win an SNES Mini + Steam Games!

    One of our fellow rebels, Scotty is hosting another story competition for our community! There are prizes to be won, and fun to be had! This is Scotty's 7th time hosting a story competition for our community. The idea behind this is to get some creative thinking from our users in writing up...
  8. David17k7

    The Game Zone (Now having a Contest)

    Site Name: The Game Zone URL: Type: (Choose between Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate) Forum/Blog Site Info: TGZ has so much to offer, such as game reviews, news, a discussion forum, a new blog, etc. We are a non profit gaming website founded in 2013. We aim to provide...
  9. shamzblueworld

    Win Domain Name Every Month

    Hi all! We're having a Monthly Activity Contest at | Virtual University Help Forum All you have to do is stay active at ForumVU, post content, refer friends and you can be our Member of the Month. And we have some exciting prizes listed for our members of the month. One of them...
  10. Jordan

    $3,795 + Cash Prize Contest

    Game Rebels is a sponsor of a cash prize contest that is currently sitting at $2,650 and rising by the day! The contest is geared to search and look for talented LUA programmers that are interested in building game modes. The announcement thread can be seen here...
  11. gamestoenjoy

    ✔️ Completed vs Citadel of Thoughts

    Site Name: Online conversions Genre of Site: Online tools Link to Site: Type: Website Extra Notes (Optional): Good luck :D
  12. BiskotakiPower

    Food Decoration Contest!

    Food Decoration Contest I am really excited to announce that Rapidsay is hosting a food decoration contest! How to enter: Create an account on Rapidsay (or login if you already have one). Create a post with title "Food decoration contest submission" with an uploaded image of the best food...
  13. katos

    Design challenge at Creators Wave

    We've just launched our first ever graphics contest at Creators Wave! Check it out here: Designers entering contest will make either a: Twitter header for @creatorswavecom A logo for Creators Wave Advert design for Creators Wave Winner...
  14. Cyber

    1,000 post giveaway @ Night Forums

    Seems like just a few days ago we were at 500 posts. Here's what we got: Giveaways: Custom Award (This award will belong to you and only you can choose who it goes to) (2 Available) Supporter Upgrade (You will be upgraded to supporter if you are not already one) (2 Available) Sticky Thread...
  15. Cyber

    Contests, Awards, 500+ posts and More

    Working 6-9 hours a day promoting, brainstorming, and updating We have achieved 500+ posts, 100+ threads and nearly 50 users. posting contest: Halloween Award: New error page...