1. Twisted Sister

    Forum Authority V.2 theme WIP.

    Good morning everyone, I would like to announce some very exciting news that I and @katos have been working on behind the scenes for Forum Authority. I believe @katos will be unveiling his news for the site shortly, however, in today's topic we will be covering information regarding Forum...
  2. Netscaux

    Paid - $ Hiring (Close)

    No Longer Open
  3. Digital Exits

    How Design Affects the Value of Your Online Business

    Building a valuable online business is something we all want. It’s one thing to be able to generate revenue, but building a business up to a point where it attracts investors is a remarkable feat. It gives you the flexibility to be able to sell the business and begin another project. But even...
  4. Jax

    ✔️ Completed VS TheSportsWorld

    Site Name: Jack Baker Genre of Site: Design Site Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Website Extra Notes (Optional): Single Parallax Website. Just wanting to see your opinions. could help
  5. Shirou

    ✔️ Completed Sugoi Desu! Community Vs. BaySide Gamers!

    Site Name: Sugoi Desu! Community Genre of Site: Anime, Manga, Design Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional): Good luck to everyone!
  6. Jax

    The Future of Design According to 7 Web Visionaries

    The Future of Design According to 7 Web Visionaries ARTICLE BY YAROSLAW NICHIPORETS IN DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION - SEPTEMBER 1 Over the last decade the very nature of the Internet has changed dramatically. It is hard to imagine a sphere of life that does not depend on it and like the universe we...
  7. Jax

    Jax's Design Shop - Real $ Only

    | JAX'S DESIGN SHOP | Update Version: 1.2 Update Date: 04 / 03 / 17 Portfolio: Dribbble / Behance GRAPHIC DESIGN = OPEN WEB DESIGN = CLOSED ----------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ME ----------------------------------------------------- Hi! my name is Jax, formally known...
  8. LadyLannie

    Graphic Store :)

    Hello everyone my name is Lady Lannie or you can call me Lannie for short. I am a 20 year old intermediate graphic designer. I am self taught and love to design. My favorite logos to make are branding logos. Ive been designing for 2 maybe 3 years now but never really sold any of my designs. My...
  9. LadyLannie

    Designs I worked on

    Custom Branding Logo For A Custom Framework : Another Custom Framework Logo: Custom Hosting Service Logo: i have an obsession with frameworks: I do lots of other logos as well, I love designing with a passion. I like simple logo the best, they stand out more and are more professional in...
  10. Jax

    Show Us What Your Working On! V.1.0

    Hi there! in this thread I would like us all to work together to help and support each other. The point of this thread is to show projects that are in development, this means that some of what you see has not been finished. Its Previews Only! Simple Rules: - Show images or URLs only. - Give...
  11. Jax

    Completed Mars 360 V.1.0 VS Vs PromotionEra

    Site Name: Mars 360 Genre of Site: Science & Entertainment Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Website Extra Notes (Optional): Not Mobile friendly -- Version 1 can't handle mobiles and small devices Sorry... V1.5 will fix that...
  12. Jax

    Mars 360°

    Support The Project On Patreon Help Out
  13. E

    Premium WordPress Theme - Elegant Design and Powerful

    Divi Theme A beautiful and powerful premium wordpress theme for your website, integrated with loads of modern features and unique functions such as: - Drag & Drop Organise your content easily with the Divi Builder. Just drag and drop! You can even zoom out and re-arrange content from a...
  14. katos

    Design challenge at Creators Wave

    We've just launched our first ever graphics contest at Creators Wave! Check it out here: Designers entering contest will make either a: Twitter header for @creatorswavecom A logo for Creators Wave Advert design for Creators Wave Winner...
  15. Twisted Sister

    Forum Authority

    Site URL: Date Opened: Roughly 10-06-2015 Review Type: Basic Review. Extra Notes: None.