1. Snail

    Back to basics!

    Hello i am a streamer known as Snail. i have been streaming for just over a month now on twitch now and smashed the affiliate goal. wanting to gain growth and become even better ASWELL as supporting others and help members of my comunity reach the achievements they are after i created a newly...
  2. Smokey

    Have you tried Guilded yet?

    So everyone knows about Discord, but recently Discord has made changes to their partnership program and have actually been removing partners because their servers don't hit the right 'criteria' to remain partnered, regardless of how long they have been a discord partner. I digress! I'm here to...
  3. ChrisGrigg

    FP Staff Conference Call #1

    As some members have requested, that we disclose the topics that we have discussed during our staff conference calls to enable the community to assist us in moving in the correct direction, down below you can find some of the topics that we have discussed. Do take note, that these are notes...
  4. Sam

    Chat real-time with FP members!

    Site Name: shout.red! URL: https://shout.red Type: Forum? Chatroom Site Info: Website: shout.red! I thought it would be cool to have a real time chatroom. Here is is.... :D You don't have to signup! Three awesome rooms... Chat, Money Money Money, Shameless Plugs (to promote your stuff!)...
  5. Jon

    Join the GamingBoards.net Discord - EARN 100 FP$

    Hey everyone! :bluesquarerolleyes: -- The GamingBoards.net Discord server has just about reached 200 members, so to help us reach that goal I wanted to offer a quick buck to the community of ForumPromotion. Simply join our Discord server @ https://discord.gg/YQr8d2v and leave a reply here in...
  6. Winter_Moon

    NEW! Gaming Descent Forums | Discuss your favorite games

    Site Name: Gaming Descent URL: https://gamingdescent.net Type: Gaming Discussion / Game server and YouTube Promotion Site Info: Gaming Descent is an idea I've wanted to implement into a full fledged community for awhile now. The idea is for gamers to have a place to discuss and debate their...
  7. D

    1,150 Members @ SFG

    The SFG Discord Server now has 1,150 members and is about 6 months old!
  8. maxerbox

    GA Community - Steam giveaways community - Keys donated by Users

    Site Name: GA Community URL: Official Shop: https://store.simoncad.tk/shop/ Discord: https://discord.gg/exyxxys Type: Website Genre: Gaming, community Site Info: Ga community is a 100% community giveaways based discord server, for community, by community. All is automatic ! You can share your...
  9. D

    Completed Server For Gamers

    Site URL: https://serverforgamers.ml Package: Emerald Package Total posts on your forum: 80+ Packager Preferences: N/A Area Preferences: Unless you join the Discord Server the only place you can post in is General Discussions :D Extra Notes: N/A This should be free with code TEXTADS_END_TORNADO.
  10. D

    SFG Community has over 460 members

    SFG Community (Discord Server) has reached over 430 members! https://discord.gg/Z9F7Tp4
  11. D

    Moderator(s) Wanted

    Server For Gamers is a rather large Discord Server with content creators, gamers and non-gamers who wish to discuss and collaborate. We are looking for people who will be able to do the following: Be active and engage with the community. Stay cool and calm in every situation. Be able to take...
  12. D

    SFG Community (Discord Server)

    Site Name: Server For Gamers URL: https://discord.gg/Z9F7Tp4 Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Other Category: Gaming & General/Misc Tags: Gaming, Technology, Discussions Description: Server For Gamers is the latest way for both gamers and non-gamers to collaborate and discuss just...