1. Sam

    Chat real-time with FP members!

    Site Name: shout.red! URL: https://shout.red Type: Forum? Chatroom Site Info: Website: shout.red! I thought it would be cool to have a real time chatroom. Here is is.... :D You don't have to signup! Three awesome rooms... Chat, Money Money Money, Shameless Plugs (to promote your stuff!)...
  2. Jon

    Join the GamingBoards.net Discord - EARN 100 FP$

    Hey everyone! :bluesquarerolleyes: -- The GamingBoards.net Discord server has just about reached 200 members, so to help us reach that goal I wanted to offer a quick buck to the community of ForumPromotion. Simply join our Discord server @ https://discord.gg/YQr8d2v and leave a reply here in...
  3. Winter_Moon

    NEW! Gaming Descent Forums | Discuss your favorite games

    Site Name: Gaming Descent URL: https://gamingdescent.net Type: Gaming Discussion / Game server and YouTube Promotion Site Info: Gaming Descent is an idea I've wanted to implement into a full fledged community for awhile now. The idea is for gamers to have a place to discuss and debate their...
  4. D

    1,150 Members @ SFG

    The SFG Discord Server now has 1,150 members and is about 6 months old!
  5. maxerbox

    GA Community - Steam giveaways community - Keys donated by Users

    Site Name: GA Community URL: Official Shop: https://store.simoncad.tk/shop/ Discord: https://discord.gg/exyxxys Type: Website Genre: Gaming, community Site Info: Ga community is a 100% community giveaways based discord server, for community, by community. All is automatic ! You can share your...
  6. D

    Completed Server For Gamers

    Site URL: https://serverforgamers.ml Package: Emerald Package Total posts on your forum: 80+ Packager Preferences: N/A Area Preferences: Unless you join the Discord Server the only place you can post in is General Discussions :D Extra Notes: N/A This should be free with code TEXTADS_END_TORNADO.
  7. D

    SFG Community has over 460 members

    SFG Community (Discord Server) has reached over 430 members! https://discord.gg/Z9F7Tp4
  8. D

    Moderator(s) Wanted

    Server For Gamers is a rather large Discord Server with content creators, gamers and non-gamers who wish to discuss and collaborate. We are looking for people who will be able to do the following: Be active and engage with the community. Stay cool and calm in every situation. Be able to take...
  9. D

    SFG Community (Discord Server)

    Site Name: Server For Gamers URL: https://discord.gg/Z9F7Tp4 Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Other Category: Gaming & General/Misc Tags: Gaming, Technology, Discussions Description: Server For Gamers is the latest way for both gamers and non-gamers to collaborate and discuss just...