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  1. Pennywise


    I've finally reached my goal of getting 100 followers on my blog, The Fireside Chats! My goal was actually to reach 100 followers by the end of the year but I did it. My the end of the year last year I was sitting at 49 followers if memory serves me correctly, so I've managed to double the...
  2. rinulikes

    rinulikes.com -SEO + Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter - Views Likes Followers + Website traffic

    Please read all carefully! - Website: https://rinulikes.com/ -Youtube Subscribers: 100 - 5$ Likes: 100-3$ Dislikes: 50 - 2$ Random/custom comments: 10 - 2$ Comments likes/dislikes: 100 - 2$ Shares(fb/tw/pt/g+/etc.): 100 - 1$ Views: 1000 - 3$ -Facebook Page Likes: 100 - 2$ Photo/Post Likes...
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  4. SeanFace101

    Question Is this the correct forum for exchanges?

    Am i correct in thinking that this: https://forumpromotion.net/forum/forums/post-and-affiliate-exchanges.47/ is the correct forum to be posting exchanges such as Twitter Follow 4 Follow, YT Sub 4 Sub, Facebook Like 4 Like, etc.. as when as exchanges including Tweet 4 Tweet, etc.. ?
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  6. juststeven

    YouTube & Twitter Exchanges

    Deal 1: Leave a meaningful relevant comment on my most recent video for a comment back on your video and a shoutout on Twitter. Deal 2: Subscribe to stevicity for a subscription in return. If you subscribe to me on multiple accounts, I will subscribe to you on up to 15 of mine. Deal 3: Like my...