1. ChrisGrigg

    Community of the Month #33 - Submit your community/site!

    Contest Information Community of the Month is a monthly contest where members can vote on whose website or forum most deserves recognition. This contest merges two contests which we have previously held into a single contest, bringing a new take on this classic staple of Forum Promotion. Each...
  2. awebnerd

    Eat, Breathe, Tech - General Technology Forum

    Forum Name: Eat, Breathe, Tech Forum URL: Forum Type: Technology, Computing, Linux, Programming, Etc... Forum Software: Discourse Forum Age: 5 Days Old Forum Description: Eat, Breathe, Tech is a brand new forum that is about anything technology related that the...
  3. elucid7 Share one or More Things you did on a day!

    Site Name: Tingvy URL: Type: Forum Site Info: is a platform for sharing one or more things you did on a day! Enjoy!
  4. Joshua Farrell

    Forum Stock Market

    Forum Stock Market Welcome to what I call, the "Forum Stock Market". This is based around the general posting activity of the various forums listed below. You can find more information on how this works, and how to submit your forum in the post directly below this one. Current Forum Stock...
  5. BonnieB

    Thanksgiving Discounts on Content, forum posting, virtual assisting services and more

    Fall is here and end of the year activities are picking up, calendars are filling, and social engagements are on the rise. Don’t miss out on all of the fun because you are stuck at home, or in the office, with a ton of work to do. Let the professionals at Paid Forum Posting step in and take some...
  6. Joshua Farrell

    Completed Forum Post Exchanges

    Site URL: Package: Emerald Package Total posts on your forum: 150 Packager Preference: Nope Area Preference: Anywhere outside of the introductions board. Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion in...
  7. Joshua Farrell

    Selling Forum Services

    I am offering the following forum services, for a fee. Each item has a price attached to it, right below the service title. Temporary Staff Services 5 Day Temp Forum Package Team Member - Backlog Only Cost: $15.00 USD Payment: Upfront, via Paypal Need additional help to clear a backlog of your...
  8. Chase.

    Hire a Content Poster

    Hire a Content Poster I'm here to inform you that our newest feature "Hire a Content Poster" is now live. For any forum owner, it's hard to receive quality content. Free post exchanges never seem to satisfy our needs. Some content posters charge a crazy amount of money on websites like fiverr...
  9. Chase.

    Paid - $ Content Poster Admin Retail

    Are you interested in getting paid for your quality content ? Are you willing to join another forum and post content on their website? What do we need content writers for ? Admin Retail will have a new service in the near future. Forum owners will be able to buy posts coming from our content...
  10. Chase.

    Free Forum/Blog Hosting

    Free Forum/Blog Hosting and Domains Admin Retail I’m excited to introduce you a new and unique service to Admin Retail. As of now, members are able to have a MyBB, phpBB forum or Wordpress Blog hosted for free in return for points which can be earned by posting on Admin Retail. Additionally...
  11. BonnieB

    Selling Fall discounts on content, resumes, forum posts and MORE

    School is back in session and Fall is just around the corner. As we all gear up for this change in seasons the professionals at Paid Forum Posting are offering 10% off of all of our services for the month of September. Just use coupon code FOOTBALL before placing your order. You may be...
  12. Cameron.

    Info Interested in earning FP$ by creating forum posts or blog comments?

    Package Completing Information Hi! Welcome to Forum Promotion's official package service. This is where members can spend their hard earned FP$ on posts on their forum, or even blog comments on their blog. In the past, this package service was solely fulfilled by our Package Team, which often...
  13. Cameron.

    Info Requesting Packages - Information

    Package Requesting Information Hi! Welcome to Forum Promotion's official package service. This is where members can spend their hard earned FP$ on posts on their forum, or even blog comments on their blog. In the past, this package service was solely fulfilled by our Package Team, which often...
  14. Tucker933 - Tech & Halo Modding

    Open Carnage has been around since early 2012, with a community itself that largely dates back to 2005. The niche we serve is Halo PC modding and technology, supplemented by industry professionals from a wide range of fields. Perhaps most uniquely, we also host a monthly raffle where members...
  15. Ghost

    Connected Forums

    I have always had this idea in my head that something drastic must be done to make forums more popular, or at least bring them closer to where they were throughout the 90s and early 2000's. The idea I have essentially would allow forums to connect to each other, sharing members and even threads...
  16. MrDangem

    Forum Rank Images - Simple Translucent (FREE)

    To download just check the attachment below or visit mrdangem blog. Hope you like it! please post your comments here or share my blog. It really means a lot to me. Preview:
  17. The ProBoards Alliance

    The ProBoards Alliance

    Do you own or manage a ProBoards forum, or perhaps you have been in the past? This group is dedicated to the members of Forum Promotion that are part of communities that are hosted by ProBoards. This includes the hosting solution that ProBoards also offer.
  18. Ghost

    Do you create "alt" or fake member accounts on your own site?

    Hello everyone, I recently joined the blogging team and am considering writing an article about the pros and cons of creating alternate or fake member accounts on your own forum or blog. Many people have done this in the past to inflate the member/post counts & make their site look a bit more...
  19. Demon_skeith

    Closed Need some GFX work done

    I'm in the midst of a revamp for my site and will need some banners, done, roughly 12 images which you will be working with from a banner already done. I don't have the psd file yet but should have it soon. I also like to have someone look over my existing trophies images and see if they can be...
  20. MrDangem

    Free Forum Graphics - Group Images

    Plain Colored Border Group Images Download Available at MyBB, CodeForum Plain Colored Border Group Images Download Available at: MyBB, CodeForum Custom Star Coder Group Images Download Available at: MyBB, CodeForum If you find any joy and value in what I do, please consider giving...