1. nicodak

    Regionalis | Forums de discussion

    Website name : Regionalis | Forums de dscussion URL : Creation date : Sept. 2021 Logiciel : XenForo Langue : français Objet : Nous discutons des territoires français "régions" et "Outre-mer". Il existe un forum pour chaque région et d'autres forums sont consacrés à...
  2. Fait


    Hey! I am striving to make the best gaming community I possibly can that being said that means I would like some constructive criticism or if I am doing things right let me know too!
  3. Fait

    5/5 With Tech Observed :)

    Hello, Does anyone want to do 5/5 with my website over at ~ :) its a brand new site so it’s lacking content some threads also need a reply both threads and replies count towards the 10
  4. Fait

    Play Observed ~ Observed Gaming Content

    Hello, I just released this on Monday 28th June and would love to know what people think! :) (I wrote some of the plugins and the feed system so that’s the reason why it’s in beta since it’s new code) all feedback will be taken seriously!
  5. PaidPoints

    Beautiful Forum.

    Greetings everyone! :) I am new to this forum, but honestly, the first time I landed on the forum, I was amazed by the design. In fact, I actually feel Jealous an wished I owned something like this. Blue is actually my favorite color, and blues close to this are my best. But besides that the...
  6. Kraizn - More than a forum, a way of life! Onimak is a new forum where people can come and talk just about anything from games, to modding, hobbies and Cryptocurrencies etc. It also has a marketplace for people to promote their services. :D We will implement a Point Shop system as we get more members!
  7. johnthan

    Do people like forum ready scripts?

    Thinking of people like forum scripts like phpBB, MyBB, XenForo, vBulletin and others... or also, look for different script packages for building forum site...?
  8. Lämmchen

    Forum/Blog Spotlight - VGR

    Forum/Blog Spotlight From time to time we will be spotlighting a forum or blog in order to allow the FP community to be introduced to new sites or get reacquainted with existing sites. Our Current Spotlight is a forum owned by a long time FP member @Dan The Man. VGR...
  9. Uncrowned Guard

    Uncrowned Website Series Enters Live Beta

    Beta 0.8 Is Live! Uncrowned Empire has added a series of changes to our websites as we prepare to go live. Check below to see the changes! We plan on adding more articles like this as we work on our communication. Uncrowned Empire Website is now fully live for user use during...
  10. bomb

    Limited Offer: Black Friday Forum Posting Deal.

    The hardest part of starting a forum is getting off the ground. People like joining active forums with lots of new posts daily. No one would like to join a forum with few members. But it doesn't stop at that, you need to steer the discussions towards the right keywords. If you buy this gig...
  11. Joshua Farrell

    Trade Free Domain? See Terms.

    I have a general domain currently parked at GoDaddy. The domain? . I am willing to let someone use it, and eventually giving the domain to the person for free, pending some terms are followed. Terms: 1. You must provide the hosting. If you have the space on your account...
  12. Dotgician

    Does migrating forums help or hurt your forum?

    I have always wonder if migrating forums help or hurt your forums. Can you still claim a accomplishments of having xxx amount of posts or xxx amount of users even if you just purchased the DB and migrating it to your forum. IMO after I have did a couple of migration to a forum i realized that...
  13. tdbnz

    Affiliate with Tech Land

    Hey Fellow Members Tech Land is looking for Affiliates to Partner with to grow our forum Would you like exposure & shown to potential Visitors? Why Not Partner with us today What you will get is a Text Link in footer & Forum/website Banner in rotation on forum , - Shown on forum & Between...
  14. tdbnz

    Staff Needed for Tech Forum

    Hi Everyone I run a Tech Forum - Tech Land ( Mybb Forum ) I currently After 1 x Moderator & 1 x Administrator Roles Descriptions as follows Moderator - Moderate Forum , Keep forum Safe and Secure Ban Spammers / Rule Breakers , Move delete posts / other mod duties as required Must be...
  15. Cam!

    Forum Layout Changes & New Directory Implementation

    Hi guys, If you recall, we had a Community Conversation on our Discord channel back in March, discussing a number of changes that we were looking to make, and the forum layout and our new directory add-on were widely discussed. This was five months ago, so I'm certainly late to the game on...
  16. D

    Measuring Success

    So, I feel the concept of success is subjective to the site's founders/owners. I might visit a forum with 2 posts a day and think it's dead. However, the owner(s) of that forum are thrilled to have 2 posts a day. My question to forum owners is simple: what is your metric for the success of...
  17. Joshua Farrell

    How would you handle situation.

    Lets say you are a member of a support forum (perhaps even a webmaster forum), and not staff on it. Then one day, after you had made a brief advertising spree on a number of forums that allow you to advertise (or doesn't even have rules regarding anything in general); what would you do if...
  18. tannerdenman

    Selling Forum posting, Blog writer, Content writer & Article writer for hire

    Hi guys! How's it going? I hope this post finds you happy and well. I'm new to Forum Promotion, hey! I am here to offer my services for a very low price than I usually set. I have over 2 years experience as a freelance writer and many many more years under my belt for blogging and ghost...
  19. fantv

    Forumotion has many options of forum softwares has many options of forum softwares AwesomeBB(beta) - ModernBB • phpBB3 • phpBB2 • punBB • Invision Which is best? I added a poll. Vote now!
  20. Lauby

    The Experimental Literature Club

    Site Name: The Experimental Literature Club URL ─ Forum: Landing Page: Type: Forum Site Info: The Experimental Literature Club is a forum dedicated to writers and readers of experimental books, poetry, and other forms of media. In...