1. nelly

    Days Gone Fan - DGFAN -

    Days Gone Fan (DGFAN) is a brand-new unofficial Days Gone community and virtual photography website powered by XenForo. Are you a fan of Days Gone and survival horror games? Be one of the first to join DGFAN and get the Original Member badge! :)
  2. J

    Anyone play pubg mobile on computer? Help Please.

    Hello Guys, I recently bought a new computer i7 3rd generation and I play pubg mobile on it with tencent gaming buddy. I'm unable to play game in good quality and it lags too much. I don't think it is the fault of my computer because I think it is a decent processor. Has anyone else encountered...
  3. Jon

    Clash of Clans

    I’ve been playing Clash of Clans on my mobile device(s) for about 8 years now. It’s a game that caught my attention and has helped me happily pass time while enjoying the thrill of the game ever since. Basically, you’re given a small map and you’re required to build and upgrade your army and...
  4. M


    Hello I am looking for links on Gaming websites with Alexa less than 80k Good amount of Organic traffic High PA/DA PM me your offers. Thanks Mark
  5. Kehoru

    LAG | New Gaming Community

    Site Name: Lag URL: Type: Forum Site Info:
  6. johnthan

    Free Looking for game news post

    A gaming forum looking for promoters and game posts with good details better if knows about PC gaming and requirements. So members can find all answers. The community is small and looking for active members. Looking for the quality post about games and guides to play. Review section will be...
  7. Winter_Moon

    NEW! Gaming Descent Forums | Discuss your favorite games

    Site Name: Gaming Descent URL: Type: Gaming Discussion / Game server and YouTube Promotion Site Info: Gaming Descent is an idea I've wanted to implement into a full fledged community for awhile now. The idea is for gamers to have a place to discuss and debate their...
  8. johnthan

    Completed GPWAY pc game pack

    Site URL: Package: Emerald Total posts on your forum: 50 Packager Preferences: (Any preference on who completes the package?) Looking for someone who can write about PC games or PC required for playing games. Area Preferences: (Any preference on which areas on your forum you...
  9. johnthan

    Game board - GPWAY

    Site Name: Gaming Power Way URL: Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Discussion, Hobby Tags: Games, Gaming, Video Games, Gamer, Consoles Description: GPWAY is for the gamer. A community to discussion and sharing the news about gaming and consoles. Created this...
  10. johnthan

    Gaming community

    Site Name: Gaming Power Way URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Games Tags: game, gaming, gaming tips Description: GPWAY is simple a gaming forum for all video game players. Here to discuss and share the information related to gaming and consoles...
  11. Staywoke

    Building a forum

    Is there a guide for beginners that want to build a stand alone forum that isn't sponsored or anything? What are some of the best web hosting sites for this?
  12. GameHandout

    GameHandout - Get great games for posting + Game Giveaways

    Site Name: GameHandout URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Gaming Tags: Gaming, free games, giveaways Description: GameHandout is a gaming community dedicated to giving back to the players, and rewarding you for being an active member of the...
  13. johnthan

    How to use letter P in gaming community?

    I am going to start gaming community and want to know how letter "P" can be used in gaming community as a title or domain name...