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  1. Joshua Farrell

    Completed (Last Shelter: Survival) vs Hidden Forest

    Forum Name: Last Shelter: Survival Community Forum Link: http://lastshelter.boards.net/ Genre: Game Based Fan Forum Would like to battle: Fan Based Forums, or General Based.
  2. Xyphien

    GameHandout - Game Giveaways

    GameHandout is a game giveaway website, where you can win top tier games simply by participating in the giveaway! It's simple to enter, and simple to win! If you're interested visit https://GameHandout.com today. CURRENT GAME HANDOUT = PROJECT CARS 2 WHAT IS GAMEHANDOUT Participate for...
  3. FierceGod

    Hello Everyone!

    i was here back in 2016-2017 under a account that got lost in internet space - lol but glad to be back and looking forward to meeting new people I am Fierce God - Owner & CEO of Fierce Gaming Network
  4. No_Talent_Guy

    Sarcastic Youtube Gaming Channel

    Hello guys, I have decided to dedicate my life to youtube and become professional. I know this will need a lot of hard work, but i am ready to do it. Please my friends, visit my channel and if you like what I do, please subscribe and support my channel :heart: Also I would love to help, you...
  5. hazeldig

    Retro Insomnia

    Site Name: Retro Insomnia URL: https://www.retroinsomnia.xyz/ Type: website (forum/blog) Site Info: A brand new community currently mostly centred around retro gaming, but we might offer discussions related to retro tech and media too. I'm just started this so don't expect too much activity yet...
  6. Kehoru

    LAG | New Gaming Community

    Site Name: Lag URL: https://lag.one Type: Forum Site Info:
  7. iMage


    Site Name: Gamestimeline URL: http://gamestimeline.com Type: Website Site Info: Free online games, Game related Facebook Timeline Covers, Meme Generator, NEW forum (Please note if you have adult content in your website in the field above.)
  8. Winter_Moon

    NEW! Gaming Descent Forums | Discuss your favorite games

    Site Name: Gaming Descent URL: https://gamingdescent.net Type: Gaming Discussion / Game server and YouTube Promotion Site Info: Gaming Descent is an idea I've wanted to implement into a full fledged community for awhile now. The idea is for gamers to have a place to discuss and debate their...
  9. johnthan

    Do people still play website online games?

    Mostly people have smartphones and PCs...to play games. Here I am asking about website games like - freestreet.games
  10. David17k7

    The Game Zone (Now having a Contest)

    Site Name: The Game Zone URL: http://thegame-zone.com Type: (Choose between Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate) Forum/Blog Site Info: TGZ has so much to offer, such as game reviews, news, a discussion forum, a new blog, etc. We are a non profit gaming website founded in 2013. We aim to provide...
  11. Beyonder

    Free Horrorverse Staff Opening

    Site Name: Horrorverse URL: Horrorverse Type: Forum Site Info: Horrorverse is a forum community a place for those who enjoy the horror side of life for fans to release their horror fanatic side and to have fun talking to other horror fans the site is aimed for both classic and modern fans alike...
  12. Teeran

    Player Unknown's Battle Ground

    Have anyone here ever play PUB ? What do you think about this? Do you like corp with friends or solo playing? If you like, why do you like it? Is this game worth to buy? Can i hear your opinions, cuz i'm considering to buy this
  13. Beyonder


    Site Name: Horrorverse URL: Horrorverse Type: Forum Site Info: Horrorverse is a forum community a place for those who enjoy the horror side of life for fans to release their horror fanatic side and to have fun talking to other horror fans the site is aimed for both classic and modern fans alike!
  14. Treasurepost

    Hip Hobbies

    Site Name: Hip Hobbies URL: http://www.hiphobbies.com Type: Forum Site Info: All things hobbies, games, DIY, treasure hunting, metal detecting, homesteading, photography, videos, and so much more. The site is just days old and we're looking to get the word out. It's being designed for the...
  15. xicor69

    Earn money from games easily

    Hello I want to introduce you with a site where you can sell games( your own or this which g2a marketplace sell). All you need to do is register and start sharing your refferal link to your gamers friends who buy games and dont know that this site have extremely sales for many games, or to a...
  16. johnthan

    Game board - GPWAY

    Site Name: Gaming Power Way URL: http://www.gpway.net Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Discussion, Hobby Tags: Games, Gaming, Video Games, Gamer, Consoles Description: GPWAY is for the gamer. A community to discussion and sharing the news about gaming and consoles. Created this...
  17. Beyonder

    Favorite Dinosaur?

    My Favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex
  18. johnthan

    Gaming community

    Site Name: Gaming Power Way URL: http://www.gpway.net Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Games Tags: game, gaming, gaming tips Description: GPWAY is simple a gaming forum for all video game players. Here to discuss and share the information related to gaming and consoles...
  19. iMage

    GamesTimeline - Your Fun Stop

    Site Name: Gamestimeline - Your Fun Stop URL:http://gamestimeline.com Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Category:website Tags:timeline covers, html5,games,wallpapers Description:Your one stop for fun! Find custom Timeline Covers for your Facebook page, play free and fun online HTML5...
  20. Beyonder

    Favorite Steam Game??

    Whats your favorite games on steam? My List: 1. The Isle 2. Mortal Online 3. Infestation: The New Z