1. Gray

    Lokyr - Twitch Shenanigans :cat: Do you know what happens when a goofball of a weeb with a passion for gaming and connecting with new people streams his gameplay? You get Lokyr. -- I'm Lokyr! (pronounced Lo-key-er), but if you prefer you may call me Gray instead. I stream almost every day...
  2. Fait


    Hey! I am striving to make the best gaming community I possibly can that being said that means I would like some constructive criticism or if I am doing things right let me know too!
  3. Fait

    5/5 With Tech Observed :)

    Hello, Does anyone want to do 5/5 with my website over at ~ :) its a brand new site so it’s lacking content some threads also need a reply both threads and replies count towards the 10
  4. Fait

    Play Observed ~ Observed Gaming Content

    Hello, I just released this on Monday 28th June and would love to know what people think! :) (I wrote some of the plugins and the feed system so that’s the reason why it’s in beta since it’s new code) all feedback will be taken seriously!
  5. WingedOne

    Spice in your life: ESports!

    It seems like ESports might be the new choice of hobby for people around the world. I read that some experts expect this market to develop into a billion dollar venture one of these days. Do you think you could get on the ESports bandwagon too? Could you let me in on your thoughts on this matter?
  6. Snail

    Back to basics!

    Hello i am a streamer known as Snail. i have been streaming for just over a month now on twitch now and smashed the affiliate goal. wanting to gain growth and become even better ASWELL as supporting others and help members of my comunity reach the achievements they are after i created a newly...
  7. Uncrowned Guard

    Uncrowned Gaming (Gaming Community)

    Uncrowned Gaming provides free, community driven, online resources for advancement, development, growth and improvement of our user's shooter genre game focused activities. Uncrowned Gaming provides a free to use gaming based community for everyone to use. Our community is focused on provided...
  8. Funkel - a Mincraft Community Forum

    Hello and welcome to The new Minecraft Community Forum What's minecom? Minecom is a community/discussion forum for all people who like to play Minecraft. The name is created by the words Minecraft and Community. On Minecom there are different categories where you can talk to...
  9. GamerMob - Community Post Exchange

    Hi all, I just launched my new website and I am looking to do post exchanges. Let me know if you would be interested and we can get things going!
  10. Mastersly Forum

    Site Name: Anonshare URL: Type: Forum Category: Gaming, Webmasters, Entertainment, Market place etc Tags: gaming,web, design, graphics,movies,pubg,csgo, market Description: This community was built to help others with useful tutorials for software, hardware, internet and...
  11. K

    *offline* TECHDOT Tech forum *offline*

    Forum is offline
  12. Smokey

    Gamer Reloaded - Gaming streams, videos and more!

    Gamer Reloaded is a gaming blog that showcases streamers and youtubers a-like. This blog is a central hub for gamers to find new content creators that they may enjoy. Are you a streamer? Want your stream added and showcased on GR? Sign up today and add it to our library or contact @Smokey and...
  13. FierceGod

    Ask me why i changed to Fierce Gaming from crappy name - LoL or Anything else

    Ask me why i changed to Fierce Gaming from the other crappy name - LoL or Anything else that strikes your fancy i would like to meet as any new members as possible i am only 36, but i am still a person that forums and forum/posting like communities are still needed & FUN! :wideyed:
  14. No_Talent_Guy

    Sarcastic Youtube Gaming Channel

    Hello guys, I have decided to dedicate my life to youtube and become professional. I know this will need a lot of hard work, but i am ready to do it. Please my friends, visit my channel and if you like what I do, please subscribe and support my channel :heart: Also I would love to help, you...
  15. No_Talent_Guy

    Started as professional Youtuber

    Hello guys, I have decided to dedicate my life to youtube and become professional. I know this will need a lot of hard work, but i am ready to do it. Please my friends, visit my channel and if you like what I do, please subscribe and support my channel :heart: Best Regards, No_Talent_Guy
  16. Grimoire

    oRealm | A Forum for All

    Site Name: oRealm URL: Type: Forum Site Info: oRealm is a Forum which has room for Everyone. oRealm is a General Discussion Forum which will mostly focus on Market eventually, but all in all is just a simple one stop shop. Most forums that strive for General...
  17. Oblivion Knight


    Site Name: Nerdface URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Nerdface is a friendly place where (almost) anything goes, and self-proclaimed nerds are especially welcome! What is Nerdface? I'm so glad you asked! Nerdface is a nickname that I was given approximately 8 years ago by my...
  18. Shortie861

    Shortie's Mixer!

    Site Name: Shortie on URL: Type: Website Site Info: This is my personal Mixer page. About a year ago I started streaming on Microsoft's streaming platform - Mixer. I've built some great friendships through streaming and it's something I enjoy doing. If...
  19. hazeldig

    Retro Insomnia

    Site Name: Retro Insomnia URL: Type: website (forum/blog) Site Info: A brand new community currently mostly centred around retro gaming, but we might offer discussions related to retro tech and media too. I'm just started this so don't expect too much activity yet...
  20. Twisted Sister


    Site Name: Forum Authority URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: General Description: Forum Authority is a general discussion forum. We currently have a variety of categories to choose from, where you can participate in discussions. We also...