1. Grimoire | Small Chat Community Hi Everyone, I've relaunched my old forum with an entirely brand new experience. It's currently still being put together, but it's in a usable state. I'm seeking members to assist in testing the site and it's functionality overall, as well as just members to help build...
  2. Grimoire // New Small Community // Custom Theme // Custom Plugins // Technology // General

    Site Name: Doom URL: Type:Forum Site Info: Doom is undergoing a lot of Live work. There's a lot of features that aren't currently functioning and a good amount of place holders but I'd rather work and let people see live changes than close the board till I finished...
  3. Teg

    The Cool Kids

    Site Name: The Cool Kids (TCK) URL: Type: (Forum) Site Info: A brand new general discussion forum that features monthly contests, monthly discussions and events that last quarterly. Come check us out!
  4. Smokey

    Nucleus Boards - A friendly general discussion community that centers around foruming!

    Site Name: Nucleus Boards URL: Type: Forums Site Info: Nucleus Boards is the successor of Revillution, this time around we are focusing solely on what it should be, a forum. We are a brand new general discussion community that offers lots to discuss as well as helpful...
  5. I

    Site Name: Icevash URL: Type: Forum Site Info: A forum site where you can discuss things related to the topic you're browsing! We take requests for new sections and we hand pick moderators we think are best suited for the job. We take complaints about moderators seriously. If...
  6. James Conway

    ✔️ Completed OMG Lifestyle vs WeTheGamers

    Site Name: OMG Lifestyle Genre of Site: Lifestyle Blog / General Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Extra Notes (Optional): I'm looking forward to it.
  7. 3

    Discuss, basically the community talks about stuff

    Site Name: discuss URL: Type: Forum Site Info: We love discussing a bunch of stuff here, i just started this forum and i only have 1 member with me, so i created this forum for people who would like to discuss about stuff Note: Rules say no inappropiate...
  8. Blackout

    BoobTube - Film/TV Community

    Site Name: BoobTube - Film/TV Community URL: Type: (Choose between Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate) Forum Site Info: A new television/film community
  9. M

    Completed Ruby

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Total posts on your forum: 3,631 Packager Preferences: Nope Area Preferences: Spread it out. Extra Notes:
  10. Ash

    ✔️ Completed LazyForums Vs. indyatimes

    Site Name: LazyForums Genre of Site: General Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional): None
  11. Grimoire

    DiscussionZone || Chat, Chat, Chat!

    Hello Everyone, Come join DiscussionZone today and participate in endless General Discussion based topics! We cover topics such as Anime, Gaming, Technology, Health, Education, Love, Current Events, and Bad Habits. DiscussionZone was previously a forum a few years back, but I received...
  12. Reverie

    Atrium - Home Away From Home

    Site Name: Atrium URL: Category: Discussion Tags: Discussion, Community, General, Entertainment, Life, Food, Chat, Social, Resources Description: Our forum is essentially a home away from home, here you will find tons of people who are friendly, nice, and active. People...
  13. Ash

    ✔️ Completed LazyForums VS Open Carnage

    Site Name: LazyForums Genre of Site: General Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional):
  14. ZachJ

    Free Teen Galore hiring *updated thread* Please Close

    Teen Galore Salutations! Teen Galore has started looking Administrative Staff to help run the community and to help it expand. The Administrative Staff the brains of the community and they handle certain aspects vital to its functioning such as Technical Work, Staff Recruitment and Moderation...