graphic design

  1. Cameron.

    Josh Cribbs Signature Tutorial

    Another IncrediBAD throwback from many years ago. My final product:
  2. Cameron.

    Text Reflection Tutorial

    Just a little GIMP throwback from like six years ago. Goes back to the days of IncrediBAD, which was a graphic resource forum we had going on ProBoards for a while.
  3. Twisted Sister


    Site Name: Forum Authority URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: General Description: Forum Authority is a general discussion forum. We currently have a variety of categories to choose from, where you can participate in discussions. We also...
  4. T

    New forum Dublious

    Site Name: Dublious URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Discussion board for creative fields such as graphic design, branding, animation, painting, illustration, photography, environmental, and interior design Just barely finished putting together this site for all creative fields...