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    Selling Hobbyist For Sale

    Hello everyone. After becoming stressed out and with too much work piling with my forum, Hobbyist, I've decided that I want to sell it. Running a forum isn't really my thing and there are probably much better people who could do a much better job than me. If you want to take the site then...
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    Hobbyist Updates

    Hello everyone. Today is the update for Version 1.0.3. Version 1.0.3 will introduce a new theme, refined icons, an easter egg, a new layout, boards into seperate categories and 2 new topics. I will update you on when it's released Update After shutting down Hobbyist and starting up a new forum...
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    Post Exchange With Hobbyist

    Hello there. I am looking to do some posts exchanges with multiple others forms. While I do my part on your forums, you must post on my forum here: https://hobbyistworld.createaforum.com I am willing to help other people grow their communities and would like it if someone helped grow mine. I'm...
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    Site Name: Hobbyist https://hobbyistworld.createaforum.com Date Opened: 26th December 2018 Review Requested (Community Feedback, Basic or Advanced): Community Notes: I am constantly working on the site so every tiny bit of feedback counts.
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    Hobbyist Review

    Site Name: Hobbyist Date Opened: 26th December 2018 Review Requested (Detailed): Notes: https://hobbyistworld.createaforum.com/index.php So no one is signing up to my forum and I feel like it's because of something to do with the layout and theme. Can someone please give a detailed review of...
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    Hobbyist Version 1.0.1 Now Finished

    Hey there everyone, the most recent update for my forum, Hobbyist, is now finished. A quick highlight of it here: A new, modernized theme A few parts of the site are now rounded Set the required password to be a tiny bit stronger(From Low To Medium) Added a bunch of panels on the front page I...
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    Hobbyist - The forum for anyone to discuss hobbies and activities!

    Site Name: Hobbyist URL: https://hobbyistworld.createaforum.com/ Type: (Forum) Site Info: Hobbyist is a forum for people to discuss their favourite hobbies and activites. You can talk about anything from video games to science to art etc. We aim to keep the site constantly moderated for a safe...