1. Bizdustry.com

    Bizdustry.com updates!

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! By now, we should be returning to normalcy after the incident we had in the middle of December. If you weren't aware, we had data loss due to a few issues around the time we were trying to update the forum. This...
  2. Brad P

    Paid - $ Paid Article writer

    Evening, Looking for someone to be able to post 1,2 articles per day. not sure on prices so hit me up a PM Categories are varied Technology Sports Gaming News Self-improvement Business0 Automotive (cars) Health & Fitness Pets Parenting
  3. Bizdustry.com

    Lockdown Easing

    What do you all think of the Lockdown restrictions be eased in England? Are they being lifted to early? Are you comfortable providing your personal information to bar employees? Don't you feel this is an invasion of privacy?
  4. Mastersly

    MYBB - ColorFul Theme - Responsive

    DEMO FEATURES -Fully Responsive -Forums Beautiful Header (Image) -Profile background cover (Users can change it) (Image) -Postbit classic background cover (User can change it) (Image) -Forums font Icons (Usercp and Modcp too) -Drop menu at user`s options (Image) -Sidebar added (Image)...
  5. tdbnz

    Express VPN - Free 30 Days

    Hi Everyone Stay Protected Online and Stay Anonymous with Express VPN For Forum Promotion Users - I am Offering 30 Days Free For Everyone - Express VPN - 30 Days Free Here Below is Details of VPN and what it has to offer ExpressVPN Based in British Virgin Islands Logs No logs (audited)...
  6. Jason76

    Who cares about music reviews?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Helping But... This classic album was trashed - as is usually done to albums by critics (whatever the album, whatever the band). Well, I guess a band is never appreciated in their own time. And of course, these fools, some of them change their minds...
  7. Elli

    Is it ethical to use bots on social media?

    In 2017, Pew Research Center conducted a study of 1.2 million Tweets that contained links to shared content. They discovered that 66% of those tweets were made by suspected bots. They also discovered that "A relatively small number of highly active bots are responsible for a significant share of...
  8. Tucker933

    OpenCarnage.net - Tech & Halo Modding

    Open Carnage has been around since early 2012, with a community itself that largely dates back to 2005. The niche we serve is Halo PC modding and technology, supplemented by industry professionals from a wide range of fields. Perhaps most uniquely, we also host a monthly raffle where members...