1. Mastersly Forum

    Site Name: Anonshare URL: Type: Forum Category: Gaming, Webmasters, Entertainment, Market place etc Tags: gaming,web, design, graphics,movies,pubg,csgo, market Description: This community was built to help others with useful tutorials for software, hardware, internet and...
  2. Gayoz

    Download Songs on Android

    How to Download Songs on Google Play Music on Android?
  3. zoldos

    new philosophy & gaming forum, looking for daily exchanges!

    I have a new forum based around philosophy/intellectual debate and all things gaming (and general topics like music, TV, etc.) and am looking for daily exchanges which I hope lead to lifetime members who will continue to post out of free will. Check it out: Schism Cortex...
  4. Popedia

    Popedia - Music & entertainment forum!

    Site Name: Popedia URL: Type: Forum Site Info: An active forum based on discussing pop culture (e.g music, movies) and the media!
  5. Jordan

    Join The #1 Online Internet Radio Station

    Do you live and breathe music? You may be in luck! We are looking for several people who are passionate about music and artists and would love to become apart of the industry. We have several roles that are opening up in our licensed online internet radio station. These roles include but are...
  6. tiffiecute

    Do you think there should be remake of the movie, "The Sound of Music?"

    The Sound of Music is the reason why I studied at the Conservatory of Music. It's one of my personal best movies of all time. The film has the perfect casts, unparalleled production, and impeccable music compositions. I'm just wondering if given a chance, do you think there should be a remake...
  7. B

    What you think about Indian music

    What do you think about Indian Music? Have you ever had a chance to listen to Bollywood music and movies?
  8. SanJunipero

    Lil Wayne fansite

    Site Name: Lil Wayne HQ URL: Type: Blog and Forum Site Info: LilWayneHQ is the #1 source for Weezy fans! We give you the latest news, music, pictures, videos, downloads, and plenty more stuff on the Best Rapper Alive.
  9. P

    Do you like listening to music while sleeping?

    Usually I listen to music if I can not sleep. Type of music is slow and nice to hear. If in my country it is called ninabobo song. The name is weird right? Otherwise the name of the ninabobo has its own story, but it's more to the horror story. How about you? :)
  10. L

    Does any song makes you cry?

    People react differently to different songs. There are some that laugh when they listen to a particular music, other people become sober after listening music. And you might think this is weird but it is right some do cry when they are listening to a song. We have heard stories about this so...
  11. L

    What genre of music do you rock to now

    Currently we have variety of music genre and numerous songs. There is classic, rnb, classic, soul, rock, hip hop/rap to mention the least. And many songs fill the air wave and also topping chart across the globe. So which song do you listen to at the moment, tell us the reason you enjoy it and...
  12. James Conway

    Anyone Interested In listening To Some Chilled Hip Hop

    ChilledCow Radio This won't be everyone's cup of tea but why not use the music to keep you focused for when your at lets say work, school, study or even doing some house work. Who knows when you feel low and need a little "beat" in the background, this could just be what you need. I hope you...
  13. Japanese Metal Forum

    Japanese Metal Forum

    Site Name: Japanese Metal Forum URL: Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Hobby Tags: japan, asia, music, j-pop, power metal, j-indie, band-maid, destrose, loudness, seikima ii, sabbat Description: An online forum that is dedicated to Japanese heavy metal, hard rock...
  14. Jack White

    Future's New Album?

    I think we have all heard that Future released a new album, and if you haven't well, you live under a rock. I personally like the album as it vibes really well. Anyone want to let me know their own opinion on the album? I am not some crazy Future fanboy, but I generally like his music.
  15. D

    Tigr Tigr Forum

    Site Name:Tigr Tigr Forum Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate):forum Category:Music, Culture, Entertainment, Comics Tags:music, culture, entertainment, comics, movies, film discussion, Description:The forum at Tigr Tigr is focused on lifestyle and entertainment. The...
  16. Grungie

    Music Talk Board

    Site Name: Music Talk Board URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Entertainment/Media Tags: Music, General Discussion Description: Music Talk Board is a forum for those who love to discuss music. We have been around for 5 years, and have 96...