1. Mastersly

    Elegent-Dark [Responsive]

    Elegent-Dark - Free DEMO FEATURES Subforums dropdown Sidebar collapse Profile Tabs Profile Cover Threads new comments style Profile option dropdown Categories description on hover Font Awesome Icons -Beautiful Thread List (IMAGE) HOW TO INSTALL 1:Upload everything from "upload" folder...
  2. _B_ - General Discussion Forums // Special features // // Unique resources // Rank system // Inlobos Merge | | Hello and welcome to my thread on my forums page, VoxGrid! What is VoxGrid? VoxGrid is a general discussion forums page. The name is made of 2 parts. Vox meaning voice in Latin and Grid representing a network. There are 5 sections *...
  3. Mastersly


    PURCHASE BANNER ADVERTISING ON INLOBOS.COM Header Banner Advertising offers you advertising on our forum header example above the shoutbox. Your advertisement will be displayed to every user except members in the usergroups "VIP", "DIAMOND". Price & Duration 2 weeks costs $12. 1...
  4. Mastersly

    Carbon Red Responsive - Mybb Theme

    DEMO Official Theme website FEATURES Fully Responsive / Compatible for Mobile and tablet Devices Forums Beautiful Header (Set category cover) Fixed & Beautiful Header Profile cover (Set your profile cover) Postibt cover (Set your cover on posts) Font Icons (Use Font Awesome icons) Logo...
  5. Mastersly

    Selling Carbon Green - Gaming and Responsive - MYBB Theme

    FEATURES Fully Responsive / Compatible for Mobile Devices Forums Beautiful Header (Each forum have different header image) Fixed & Beautiful Header Profile background cover Forums Font Icons Logo PSD Included Drop Menu Easy Customization Free Support And much much more! Screenshoots PC...
  6. Mastersly

    InLobos Community

    Forum Name: InLobos Forum url: Forum description: InLobos is a forum based on general discussion and sharing of related resources. You can also find lots of forum resources, tools, software, tutorials, and more. Learn many things here, new friends and have fun with our...
  7. ARx182

    Selling General Dark - Premium Responsive MyBB Theme

    Desktop Mobile I bought this theme recently but due to a change of plan, I no longer need the theme so with permission from the original seller I am re-selling this theme. It is fully responsive. The theme costs £20 £10. I only accept payment via PayPal. Message me on Discord: Abdul#2887...
  8. Mastersly


    GIFTS PSD OF THE FOLLOWING USERBARS FEATURES Advertise page Affilate page Upgrade page 404 new error page New awards style Recent Threads Ajax enabled Newpoints Home page (NEW Template) Drop Menu Profile background cover Subforums bar Info Box Guest login box Font Awesome Icons Footer...
  9. ForumTopic

    Site Name: everyBB URL: Type: Community Forum Site Info: orignally launched as the “forum owners community” in 2010 and sadly put on ice until recently. Now freshly re-launched the community focus is on phpBB and MyBB forum administration and design exclusively.
  10. Grimoire // New Small Community // Custom Theme // General Discussion

    Site Name: Underwurld URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Hi, I've started a new Small Community that I plan on working on diligently to make the best out of and learn as a forum owner with over time. Underwurld is meant to stay in it's own lane and be a Small Community where...
  11. L

    Expo - Fully Responsive For MyBB 1.8

    Hello friends After a while absent, I came back and released a new theme called "Expo". This time I made the theme easier to use, more user friendly and designed to fit the game page, technology page, .. Features: Responive design. HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery. Design flat. Neat, clean. Font...
  12. Smokey

    Migrated to MyBB!

    So, being on a fixed income and after doing some math and future-proof thinking, I decided the best route for Nucleus would be not to move it completely but to migrate it to an open source solution. That left me with 3 major players, SMF, phpBB and MyBB, after doing some research on each, I...
  13. I

    RichForums || NEW || Learn to make a profit

    Site Name: RichForums URL: Type: Forum Site Info: We are a MyBB based forum that aim to help you understand the concept of making money online, and turning a profit. We also have a marketplace that can be used to buy and sell goods and services, we are brand new...
  14. psychicparanormal

    Im struggling with MyBB Postbit

    Hello all, hope this is the right section to post in. I am wanting to make my post bit wider and longer. As my post bits are on the left with avatar and information but I need it a little bit wider to fit members usernames.
  15. johnthan

    MyBB notification plugin on reply

    Help me get notification plugin for MyBB forum when someone reply to my thread, mention, quote. I want an alert system on PM for the new reply and when someone quotes the post.
  16. johnthan

    How to hide content until someone click it

    I have the quiz and want to post in gaming forums with the answer. Also wanna hide the answer until someone shows interest and click it to see the answer. spoiler works in xenforo, how to use it in MyBB forums....?
  17. johnthan

    How to create page on MyBB forum

    I want to create a page, what is the best way to do so without leaving site theme...
  18. A

    Paid/Free Beta Testers - The Golden Opportunity

    Good day everyone. I'd love to recruit a few Beta testers for a new forum I've started. The forum is focused on technology discussions. Ranging from Webmastery, Coding, SEO and many more. As a beta tester, you will have access to our pre-made themes in order to test new features in preview and...
  19. Incoginto

    MyBB Support - where mybb becomes easier

    Site Name: MyBB Support URL: Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): WebMaster Tags: Webmaster , Help , Support , MyBB , Forums Description: We are a team who are providing paid services ranging from MyBB installation right through to advanced plugins. We will...
  20. D

    Paid - FP$ Project Opening Soon

    Hey all I am opening a forum Project I need someone to set me up Mybb as I don't know how to also a co Owner. Please Pm for more details thanks I will be willing to pay FP $. Also it going to be on Gaming mostly.