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  2. A

    Newbie of 2019

    Hi, First of all Happy New Year to all of you here!!! I'm a newbie in this forum. I hope we get along so well in future. Have a nice day everyone.
  3. D

    Hello there average internet user

    Hello there. I'm DanS, I've just recently joined this forum so I can promote my own forum(Which I won't promote in this post) Juding by the posts I've looked at, everyone is friendly, caring and loving which is great. I can't wait to meet all of you's. See you soon. Yours Sincerely...
  4. killamch89


    I am a new member. I am glad to be here and look forward to having some very interesting discussions with you all.
  5. clippingsolutions

    I am new here

    Hello everyone, i am new here. Hope every will help me
  6. Patricia Villarin

    Good day!

    Good day, Hello everyone I'm a newbie here, i love to watching movies, and also a blogger online. thank you for accepting me to be part of this forum. have a nice day.
  7. V

    Hey everyone, Newbeei here... :)

    i am a web developer and new to this form promotion. Hope you all are doing great and as a newbiee i really need your help to understand about this FP bit more. :):D Thank you
  8. S

    Hello world!

    Hey, I'm StolenKid, 21 years old and I found this forum very interesting, I'm sure to find help on website management and web development, also entertaintment threads are an interest to me. Thanks a lor for this forum.
  9. J


    Hello i am a newbie on forum promotion! And i am keen on online business earning and writing! Hope we can help each other!
  10. Son Phan

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Son. Nice to meet u all :)
  11. xanaftp

    The Lovinity Community+

    Site URL: Date Opened: March 11, 2016 Review Type: Newbie Review Extra Notes: Constructive and specific criticism only. If you dislike something about the website, please be specific and suggest an alternative that you think would be better if you can. For example, I prefer...