1. Beyonder

    Fictional Battle Omniverse

    Site Name: Fictional Battle Omniverse URL: Fictional Battle Omniverse Type: Forum Description: Fictional Battle Omniverse #1 Online Source for Comics, Anime, Video Games, Debating Forum and #1 Wikia around the Internet since 2014 the site is growing annually and surrounds around blogging, news...
  2. T

    ✔️ Completed Tvnews63

    Site Name: tvnews63 Genre of Site: Politics news Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Website Extra Notes (Optional):
  3. kollegah

    GAMETEK Gaming/Technology Forum

    Site Name: GAMETEK URL: Type: Forum Site Info:Forum about Gaming/Technology,we provide you Gaming News,Tech News,amazing staff and many boards for every Gamer and Tech enthusiast.
  4. iRio_

    iDevice Tech - iDevices | News | Exploits | IOS Jailbreaks | And More

    Site Name: iDevice Tech URL: Type: Forum Site Info: iDevice Tech is a friendly community for all of us that use Apple’s iDevices. You can find IOS jailbreaks, exploits, support, news, and pretty much anything related to iDevices. Don't hesitate to get involved...
  5. TechWiz18

    Techs Think - A techie's thoughts on technology

    Site Name: Techs Think URL: Type: Blog Site Info: This is a blog where I am taking a look at various apps, technology news articles, latest tech and anything else that may fall under "Technology"
  6. My Minute Minute

    NEW Satire News Show - NJ/NY

    Site Name: My Minute Minute URL: Type: (Choose between Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate) Site Info: My Minute Minute is a satirical news program released weekly that covers stories that rock the Garden State & Big Apple. Stories are covered in HD and presented using...
  7. M

    socialhub health forum

    Site Name: socialhub health forum URL: Type: (Forum) Site Info: supporting those with sickness and disabilities, for people to share their medical condition(s) with each other and to discuss medical news. (Please note if you have adult content in your...
  8. Eminent Aviation

    Today's Aviation World

    Site Name: Eminent Aviation URL: Type: (Choose between Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate) Site Info: All stuffs related to Aviation. Buy things, read news, learn and be an Aviator
  9. David17k7

    The Game Zone (Now having a Contest)

    Site Name: The Game Zone URL: Type: (Choose between Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate) Forum/Blog Site Info: TGZ has so much to offer, such as game reviews, news, a discussion forum, a new blog, etc. We are a non profit gaming website founded in 2013. We aim to provide...
  10. Beyonder

    Free Horrorverse Staff Opening

    Site Name: Horrorverse URL: Horrorverse Type: Forum Site Info: Horrorverse is a forum community a place for those who enjoy the horror side of life for fans to release their horror fanatic side and to have fun talking to other horror fans the site is aimed for both classic and modern fans alike...
  11. Z

    Upcoming Conspiracy Forum - DeepEther Productions

    Site Name: DeepEther Productions URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Hello there! I have decided to begin advertising my forums to attract open-minded individuals for all sorts of interesting topics. Discussions in the forum range from Metaphysics, Esoterics...
  12. FreePlanetForums

    FreePlanet conspiracy forums

    Site Name: Free Planet Conspiracy Forums URL: Type: Forum Genre: Conspiracy Theories Site Info: The Free Planet conspiracy forums are a great place for like minded people to discuss conspiracy theories and any related subjects. We accept many forum suggestions and...

    Ragefor | Gamers First!

    Site Name: RageFor URL: Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Hobby Tags: Gaming, Technology, Entertainment, News Description: RageFor is a privately owned news source covering entertainment, gaming, and technology. We are known as a notoriously pro-gamer...
  14. Grimoire

    DiscussionZone || Chat, Chat, Chat!

    Hello Everyone, Come join DiscussionZone today and participate in endless General Discussion based topics! We cover topics such as Anime, Gaming, Technology, Health, Education, Love, Current Events, and Bad Habits. DiscussionZone was previously a forum a few years back, but I received...
  15. iRio_

    IONews - A Place For Anything InformOverload News

    Site Name: IONews URL: Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): News Tags: Description: IONews is a place to find news that InformOverload puts on their YouTube. Extra info: This site is new and the servers are a bit slow. And is managed by 1 man named Brian (Me) and I...
  16. Golddisk

    The Surge | Tech, science, and gaming news

    Site Name: The Surge URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Blog Category: Tech, science, and gaming Tags: Tech, science, gaming, news Description: The Surge provides news, analysis, and opinion articles on tech, science, and gaming topics. Extra info:
  17. D

    Volt Forums | Why we are unique

    Volt Forums is a gaming forum, but what makes us unique? Well I'll tell you. 1.) We have a currency system called Volts which you can purchase upgrades and other rewards just by signing in and posting. 2.) We use state of the art software to keep your exerience user-friendly and will always be...
  18. Golddisk

    The Surge Has a New Theme!

    Hi everyone! It has been a long time coming with what was an older, outdated, and ugly theme that we had before at I am proud to announce that today we have updated to a theme called "Flavor." This premium theme brings in tons of new functionality, much of which I am still...