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  1. TopSilver

    Completed Mind Piff - Ruby Package

    I really appreciate you guys. I'm good for the $FP. After you've accepted the package you can start anytime. Email confirmations go to spam but always get sent, you just have to check your spam folder for the confirmation link.
  2. Lord Saru

    Package service V2.0

    Cheers everyone. Today, I am happy to announce the introduction of FP Package service 2.0. Around 5 months into our official re-opening, we have completed 150 packages and served more than 55 clients to their satisfaction. However, this did not happen without the hard work of our package team...
  3. Lord Saru

    Info Package Service Feedback Thread v2.0

    Package Feedback Thread v2.0 Hi! Welcome to the official Forum Promotion package service. If you have recently had a package completed, we would love to hear any feedback that you have regarding this service. Did you have any issues getting your package completed in a timely manner? Was there...
  4. Lord Saru

    [PAID] The Package Team is hiring!

    Greetings everyone, Since our restart of the FP package service, we have completed more than 50 packages and helped numerous forums revive and promote activity within them. Today, we are opening the doors of our closely knit team to those members who are interested to join us. As a package...
  5. Joshua Farrell

    Completed Forum Post Exchanges

    Site URL: http://forumpostexchanges.com/ Package: Emerald Package Total posts on your forum: 150 Packager Preference: Nope Area Preference: Anywhere outside of the introductions board. Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion in...
  6. Joshua Farrell

    Selling Forum Services

    I am offering the following forum services, for a fee. Each item has a price attached to it, right below the service title. Temporary Staff Services Package Team Member - Holiday or Event Only Looking for a little extra help for a potential holiday or event package rush? Purchase this, and I...
  7. Alexander

    Info Requesting Packages - Information

    Package Requesting Information Hi! Welcome to Forum Promotion's official package service. This is where members can spend their hard earned FP$ on posts on their forum, or even blog comments on their blog. In the past, this package service was solely fulfilled by our Package Team, which often...
  8. D

    Completed SocialME - Garnet Package

    Site URL: http://socialme.x10host.com Package: Garnet Package Total posts on your forum: 12 Packager Preferences: Anyone Area Preferences: Anywhere Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: Yes Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion in their signatures on your forum? No...
  9. D

    Completed Server For Gamers

    Site URL: https://serverforgamers.ml Package: Emerald Package Total posts on your forum: 80+ Packager Preferences: N/A Area Preferences: Unless you join the Discord Server the only place you can post in is General Discussions :D Extra Notes: N/A This should be free with code TEXTADS_END_TORNADO.
  10. Jax

    Do We Really Need Package Teams? - Debate

    H E L L O I have been a member on here for over 6 years, that is a long time! now returned I have set about looking into how forums are run and the functions and their purposes. As someone with a keen interest into online communities, I felt the need to create debate topics which can spark...
  11. D

    Completed Security Life

    Site URL: Security Life Package: Marble Total Posts: 12 Articles Packager Preferences: N/A Extra Notes: N/A
  12. D

    Completed Ruby Package - Volt Forums

    Site URL: Volt Forums. Package: Ruby. Total Posts: 1,430+. Packager Preferences: Try to aviod off-topic areas if possible, spread the posts around and avoid completely avoid forum games. Extra Notes: N/A.
  13. D

    Completed Sapphire Package

    Site URL: http://voltforums.ml/ Package: Sapphire Total Posts: 1,150+ Packager Preferences: N/A Extra Notes: Upload an avatar, no advertising (anywhere), add a signature, add a bio and try to spread the posts out.
  14. D

    Completed Ruby Package | Volt Forums

    Site URL: Volt Forums Package: Ruby Total Posts: 550+ Package Preferences: None. Extra Notes: Upload an avatar, add a signature, try to avoid the Lounge area apart from one topic or post which can be made in the Anime forum.
  15. D

    Completed Sapphire Package | Volt Forums

    Site URL: Volt Forums Package: Sapphire Package Total Posts: 129 Packager Preferences: N/A Extra Notes: Please make most of the posts in different areas that are gaming related, try to avoid the off-topic area (if possible), please upload an avatar and no advertising what-so ever.
  16. D

    Forum For You

    Site URL: https://forumforyou.prophpbb.com Package: Sapphire Package Total Posts: 700+ Packager Preferences: Anybody Extra Notes: Do not post in forum games, post an introduction topic and upload an avatar. Feel free to post in any other area and you can add signature advertisements
  17. Keranov

    PromotionZ - Promote your site!

    Site Name: PromotionZ URL: http://promotionz.forumotion.net/ Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Computers & Internet / Promotion Description: Promote your site, request reviews, posting packages and more!