1. Ghost

    Wubur Web Development - Community Feedback Request

    Hello everyone, I would like to request some feedback on our official company website! Wubur is a web development company, started a couple years ago by myself and my business partner. We are a fully registered and functioning business with employees, HR, contracts, etc. I...
  2. Ghost

    PHP Arrays & Loops Tutorial

    PHP, like many other languages, uses arrays to store information. Arrays can help keep data organized, easily retrievable, and even be translated to/from other languages (such as JavaScript) to let PHP play around with user information that someone submitted in a form. There are lots of...
  3. Ghost

    jQuery & AJAX (JS => PHP Request) Video Tutorial w/ source code

    Hey guys & gals, I made a pretty cool video tutorial showing you how to use jQuery's $.ajax method to send & receive data from one file to another. This can be used to retrieve info, refresh live chats, or pretty much anything where you want to update information on one page (or database)...

    Template vs coding from scratch in 2018

    We're rounding up with the design of a forum website forumine majorly in PHP. However, in the process of coding, I stumbled upon various tools, websites, and plugins that simplify modern coding and surprising easy to use. I now have to choose between coding from scratch versus just using these...
  5. Marry Smith

    Hello Everyone

    I am Maryy. Working as a Software Development.
  6. DewlanceVPS

    After learning PHP, You use book or online site?

    Hello, I am learning PHP/MySQL and I hope that I will complete my all tutorials within 2 or 3 month or maximum 6 month. When first time you started coding, Do you use books while making your software? I mean we can learn full course but can't remember every function and we will need a...
  7. LadyLannie

    Making a php framework

    So i have been working on making my own framework because i want the experience and something to call my own. I have been looking around for tuts and have found lots of them but most of them are either outdated or completely vulnerable to a plague of attacks. Most frameworks are built with...