1. Slix

    Poliwager Forums Turns 10!

    Hi everyone! Just dropping by to say that my site Poliwager Forums has just turned 10 years old today! Thank you to everyone who's stopped by over the years and helped create such a fun, easy-going community! :D
  2. Slix

    50,000 Posts on Poliwager Forums!

    Poliwager Forums has just reached 50,000 Total Posts! This is a crazy milestone, right around our 10th birthday, upcoming in just a week! Thanks to everyone who's joined and participated over the years to help us get this far. The community on Poliwager is amazing. :)
  3. Slix

    Poliwager Forums Summer 2018 Contest Giveaway! - Free Shirt!

    The Poliwager Forums Summer 2018 Contest Giveaway is now underway! We have a couple goals for the summer, reaching certain post, topic, and member count milestones! If we achieve these goals, 3 T-Shirts like the ones above will be given out to the members who contribute the most during the...
  4. Slix

    Poliwager Forums - Small Fun-Loving Pokémon Community!

    Site Name: Poliwager Forums URL: http://forums.poliwager.net Type: Forum Site Info: Poliwager Forums is a small, fun-loving, close-knit Pokémon community that has been around for over 9 years now! Come join in the fun! We love to see new faces, and conversations about daily life, Pokémon, or...
  5. Slix

    Poliwager Forums - New Theme + Upgraded Forum Software!

    Hey guys! Poliwger Forums recently underwent a forum software upgrade, and due to that, I had to entirely redesign the style. It looks really nice, and now with the new software, it includes support for mobile viewing! It's really nice. We also have new features such as Notifications for new...