1. Fait


    Hey! I am striving to make the best gaming community I possibly can that being said that means I would like some constructive criticism or if I am doing things right let me know too!
  2. johnthan

    Where to send my website script for the review

    I have designed a web project. Basically, it is a PHP website directory. I want people to review it, so I can add some more features. I do not want it as it to be a web directory, as the age of web directory has gone and it has no value right now. So I am trying to modify with some feature and...
  3. D

    Hobbyist Review

    Site Name: Hobbyist Date Opened: 26th December 2018 Review Requested (Detailed): Notes: So no one is signing up to my forum and I feel like it's because of something to do with the layout and theme. Can someone please give a detailed review of...

    Review our 5 month old forum website

    Site Date Opened:01/01/2018 Notes: Review our 5 month old forum website. Gaining new users daily with very promising statistics.
  5. johnida

    Inviting to review my site

    Site URL: Date Opened: about Dec 2017 Notes:Just starting, let me know what you think content/section wise. The product was released on the 15th. But before that I was lucky to be used it.I make a profit and want to share it with everyone. thanks guys :)
  6. gamestoenjoy

    Please review Kodi Beginner

    Site URL: Date Opened: 15.11.17 Notes: The site teaches users of Kodi all they need to know about it. The site is still new but we will add new content regularly. The site has a very good domain name. Thanks for your feedback!
  7. gamestoenjoy

    Review for Convert for Free

    Site URL: Date Opened: 2.12.14 Notes: Convert for Free is the place where you can convert or calculate almost anything you want. You can calculate your PayPal fee, check the exchange rate of any currency, find the day of the week of a specific date, check if a...
  8. Joshua Farrell

    Postloop Review

    Postloop Review written by Joshua Farrell For those who generally need a little extra kick in their overall forum post and topic totals, one would tend to try to utilize post exchanges of any sort that they can go after. So what would this article be on? A posting exchange service that is one...
  9. hpydrake

    Traffic Titan - The best way to get your free traffic

    Site Name: Traffic Titan Review URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Affiliate Category: SEO & Traffic Tags:Traffic Titan Review, Traffic Titan Bonus, Traffic Titan Coupon Description: Today, I want to introduce to you 6-in-1 tool called Traffic Titan...
  10. Grinders League

    Review my forum please :)

    My Website: Date Opened: March 24, 2017 Notes: Please review my website, describe how the forum is and the social networking aspect, and how I can make my website better or how to promote it. *Tip: Creating an account gives you a better social feel. Greatly...
  11. gamestoenjoy

    Convert for Free

    Site URL: Date Opened: 2015 Review Type: Basic Review Review Areas: First Impressions, Site Structure Extra Notes: Any feedback will help to improve my site :D
  12. D

    Advanced Review

    Site URL: Security Life Date Opened: 02/01/2017 Review Type: Advanced Review Areas: N/A (Advanced Review) Extra Notes: None
  13. Tommy M.

    Forum Web Hosting - Need 1+ feedback/review(s) from all of you!

    Site URL: Date Opened: 3/28/2016 Review Type: Basic review Extra Notes: I have started and developing a web hosting forum, the domain said all. It would be great if I can have your feedback on the design (layout, colors), content, logo and any your...
  14. xanaftp

    The Lovinity Community+

    Site URL: Date Opened: March 11, 2016 Review Type: Newbie Review Extra Notes: Constructive and specific criticism only. If you dislike something about the website, please be specific and suggest an alternative that you think would be better if you can. For example, I prefer...
  15. xanaftp

    My review on Composr CMS

    DISCLAIMER: I now work for the agency that develops Composr CMS. However, I will not let that bias my review for Composr CMS and avoid pointing out potential challenges and negatives to be balanced in my review. In addition, I've used Composr CMS (formally ocPortal) long before I started working...
  16. I

    XenForo Review: A lot of Hype About Nothing

    I just want to say this before hand: this is solely based on my experience for the most part (though some of the things listed below have also been echoed by other forum admins who have used, or still use XenForo as well). I know some XenForo fans get defensive and aren't open to criticism of...
  17. Keranov

    PromotionZ - Promote your site!

    Site Name: PromotionZ URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Computers & Internet / Promotion Description: Promote your site, request reviews, posting packages and more!