1. Pyktis

    Star Wars Roleplay: Expanded Universe

    Site Name: SWRP: Expanded Universe URL: Type: Freeform Roleplaying site Site Info: Star Wars Roleplay: Expanded Universe is a text based Freeform roleplaying forum based website. Come play, create your character, maybe build your own faction or join a new one. Our...
  2. LadySalya

    Tained Wingz Forums aka TW Forums

    Site Name: Tained Wingz Forums aka TW Forums URL: Type: Forum Site Info: TW forums is a mixed forum for all kinds of people. There are a lot of Role-playing area for Rpers, a huge area for writers and one for those who make graphics. AD: Home | Rules | Link Back...
  3. Ravermonki


    Site Name: UndertaleForums URL: Type:Forum Site Info: Do you guys remember the indie game Undertale ? Well when it first came out, I decided to try and make the first ever forums for it as a project. We had 300+ members and things were okay, however since its been 2-3 years...
  4. Beyonder


    Site Name: Horrorverse URL: Horrorverse Type: Forum Site Info: Horrorverse is a forum community a place for those who enjoy the horror side of life for fans to release their horror fanatic side and to have fun talking to other horror fans the site is aimed for both classic and modern fans alike!
  5. BrendanWh

    Pretty Cure Forum

    Site Name: Pretty Cure Forum (or PCF) URL: Type: Forum Genre: magical girl, precure, pretty cure, anime, fan forum, roleplay, fanfiction Site Info: Hello, Pretty Cure Forum (aka. PCF) is a dedicated forum to pretty cure, and most of all, a fan pretty cure forum! As...
  6. VirusZero

    Endless Fight

    Site Name: Endless Fight URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Hobbies Tags: forum, roleplay, mybb, mature, Description: Are you looking for a place to kick back and just roleplay without hassles? Or maybe you are looking for a place to run...
  7. Cypher

    Forced Heroes | Animanga Roleplay Inspired By Dragon Ball

    Site Name: Forced Heroes URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Entertainment/Media Tags: dragon ball (z), anime, manga, rpg, roleplay, naruto, bleach, shonen, animanga Description: Forced Heroes is a forum based, play by post...
  8. Rin-Senpai

    Fairy Tail Boundless RP is Hiring!! |Moderators|Developers|Experience Preferred

    We are currently hiring at Fairy Tail Boundless for the following positions. Moderators Developers Moderators Know and understand site rules Act with professionalism Answer member questions and concerns Deal with member issues Grade Applications Approve Shop Purchases Approve and update...