1. tk-hassan

    Growing SEO Importance of SSL Certificates and Advantages to Install

    As the businesses shifted on the internet and online transactions take place of many other traditional payment methods, the different attacks are made to steal confidential information. According to research around 68% of the people using the internet believe that the existing laws are not...
  2. Elli

    Cloudflare for WordPress

    Has anyone used Cloudflare with WordPress before? I set up a WordPress site for a client over the weekend and although the password is very secure (24 random characters), I've been getting about one email every ten minutes from Sucuri warning me about failed logins. Some bot is trying to brute...
  3. C

    7 Tips to Boost your cPanel Security

    Site Name: Scopehosts URL: Type: Blog Site Info: Securing your cPanel server is crucial and may not be as complicated as you thought. Here mentioned 7 ways to boost cPanel security, make sure to ensure these cPanel Security tips (Please note if you have adult...
  4. Heatman

    What's the best way to prevent your forum from getting hacked and spammed?

    Hackers and spammers are the two major hardcore problems most forums or blogs suffers from if the owner doesn't use certain measures to eliminate such from ruining his or her site. In your opinion, what's the best way to preventing such issues of hacks and spams from happening?
  5. Azareal

    Owasp Top 10 Owasp publishes a top 10 list containing the most widespread, etc. security vulnerability categories and several mitigations (although, you might want to do a bit of research to figure the best way to harden your system) for web...
  6. Azareal

    Same Site Cookies #security Firefox rolled out support for same site cookies a couple of months ago, while I believe Chrome has had them for a couple of years. But what are same site cookies...
  7. D

    5 FP$ Per Post & 10 FP$ Per Thread | Up To 200 FP$ (Read Inside)

    Minimum of 10 word post = 5 FP$. Minimum of 10 word thread = 10 FP$. Introduction thread with a minimum of 20 words = 25 FP$. Cybersecurity Configuration thread following the pinned template = 25 FP$. 200 FP$ Maximum - Can be more if you ask me in advance and I agree to it. You must follow...
  8. D

    Free Moderators & Global Moderators

    Looking for Moderators & Global Moderators on a brand new ProBoards Cybersecurity/Technology forum called Cybersecurity Tips. Having Discord for text communication would be a massive bonus but not a requirement, PM me!
  9. D

    Completed Cybersecurity Tips

    Site URL: Cybersecurity Tips. Package: Garnet Package. Total posts on your forum: 8 (brand new). Packager Preferences: N/A. Area Preferences: It would be nice if the packager could make a Cybersecurity Configuration thread and use the template in the pinned thread. Would you like to upgrade all...
  10. Dominix_

    A few simple tips on computer security

    Get the lowdown on the RedBoot ransomware that prevents a host system from booting and additionally encrypts files, speckling them with the .locked extension. Blackmail viruses like RedBoot have evoked a serious discussion in the IT security circles. These types of cyber-culprits cause much...
  11. wzap300

    Zaps Technology

    Site Name: Zaps Technology URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Tags: technology, computer, internet, security, tablet, phone Site Info: PC hardware, software, security as well as other technology discussion. Extra Info: Originally launched October 6...
  12. Incoginto

    Volt Forums | Gaming, Programming, Development, Security and Technology Forum

    Site Name: Volt Forums URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Gaming and Security Tags: Gaming , Security , Forum Description: Volt Forums is a dedicated gaming and technology community forum for everybody, we welcome complete beginners to...