1. Fait


    Hey! I am striving to make the best gaming community I possibly can that being said that means I would like some constructive criticism or if I am doing things right let me know too!
  2. Fait

    Play Observed ~ Observed Gaming Content

    Hello, I just released this on Monday 28th June and would love to know what people think! :) (I wrote some of the plugins and the feed system so that’s the reason why it’s in beta since it’s new code) all feedback will be taken seriously!
  3. rinulikes -SEO + Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter - Views Likes Followers + Website traffic

    Please read all carefully! - Website: -Youtube Subscribers: 100 - 5$ Likes: 100-3$ Dislikes: 50 - 2$ Random/custom comments: 10 - 2$ Comments likes/dislikes: 100 - 2$ Shares(fb/tw/pt/g+/etc.): 100 - 1$ Views: 1000 - 3$ -Facebook Page Likes: 100 - 2$ Photo/Post Likes...
  4. qqscore

    Gaming and Social Server

    Site Name: Gaming, Friends, and Chill! URL: Type: Other Site Info: We are brand new and very small and looking to expand. We are a positive environment in which all people can join to make friends, hang out, and play games! Extra info: none
  5. Treasurepost

    Social Media impacts on Forum sites

    A lot of people suggest using social media to promote your site... but how does that really work for a forum? For instance, if you can post on Facebook, why not just use Facebook instead of creating a forum? I created a forum because I don't want to do the whole facebook/social media thing...
  6. C

    Lonely Connections (social network)

    Site Name:Lonely connections URL: Category (Discussion social network helping others) Tags: social,network,helping,others,in,need,chat,support Description: lonely connections is a social network for people that struggle in everyday life and need a bit of...
  7. C

    Ideas for a social network\gaming network

    Any ideas for a social network\gaming network any ideas from you guys can help me start up a successful website with your ideas many thanks guys! :)
  8. C

    social network need your opinions?

    Site URL:Http:// Date Opened:recently Notes:I need your opinions on how to make my social network community better, I have recently started the last few days and have received nearly 100 website views but need to know how I could make it better for the long run any...
  9. Reverie

    Atrium - Home Away From Home

    Site Name: Atrium URL: Category: Discussion Tags: Discussion, Community, General, Entertainment, Life, Food, Chat, Social, Resources Description: Our forum is essentially a home away from home, here you will find tons of people who are friendly, nice, and active. People...
  10. xanaftp

    ✔️ Completed The Lovinity Community+ vs Online Conversions

    Site Name: The Lovinity Community+ Genre of Site: Social Activism, Support Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Website (+forum +blogs) Extra Notes (Optional): Some features of the website cannot be viewed by guests (such as some of the forum topics as well as the...
  11. xanaftp

    The Lovinity Community+ - safe activist social support system

    Site Name: The Lovinity Community+ URL: Referral award: After signing up and logging in, Click This Link to be awarded the Forum Promotion charm in your profile's charms tab... and 200 bonus points! Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Website (with forums and...
  12. xanaftp

    Greetings from xanaftp

    Hello everyone. A friend of mine introduced me to these forums, given I'm someone who runs a social community website that is currently faced with very low member count and activity... and is looking to expand the member base of the website, but is having trouble doing so. I'm looking to...
  13. Shirou

    Otaku Forum - Looking for an Admin

    Hello there today! Hope you're doing all doing great. My community has been around for a while, really. We're going into two years now. We had some great activity, but that dwindled due to my inactivity. I got lazy, all there is to it. I'm back now, really. I've got my friend who's been...