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  1. Cam!

    Community Team: Accepting Applications

    Hey guys! I hope you'll be glad to know that we are now officially accepting applications to be considered to join our Community Team. Members of the Community Team serve our community in many ways. This includes enforcing our forum rules, handling disputes between members, assisting new members...
  2. ChrisGrigg

    FP Staff Conference Call #1

    As some members have requested, that we disclose the topics that we have discussed during our staff conference calls to enable the community to assist us in moving in the correct direction, down below you can find some of the topics that we have discussed. Do take note, that these are notes...
  3. MasterA

    Paid - $ Paid Positions at Technabyte

    Technabyte is looking for people who has a passion for technology to join the team. Below are a list of positions that are currently available and it will be updated as new positions open. 2 x Sales Staff - OPEN Your role will be to advertise Technabyte on other websites and make sales using...
  4. Jon

    Paid - FP$ Join the GamingBoards.net Staff Team! [NOW RECRUITING]

    GamingBoards.net - A well-rounded gaming community offering gamers of all sorts a place to call home. We have a massive amount of gaming-related content ranging from console gaming, PC gaming, mobile gaming, old school gaming, and more. This is a great opportunity to grow your experience...
  5. Incendium

    Free OutpostICT - Brand New Forum - Recruits Team Members

    Good evening everyone, With the launch being close, we are searching for 3 new team members that will strenghten our team. These team members are being chosen by the following steps. 1. Reply within this post if you are interested and what postition (Admin or Moderator) or send me a private...
  6. SeanFace101

    Free Looking For Admin & Staff (ScienceHelp.online)

    I have just started a new Q&A help website for all things related to science and i am looking to get another admin on board along with me and either 1 or 2 moderators before i start promoting it and getting regular members. :D This is the link to the website: http://www.sciencehelp.online/ :D...
  7. Wyvh

    Free MOBA Community - Open/Project

    Status: Project Theme: Gaming (MOBAs) Type: Community/Communal-forums Looking for: Partner(s) (Administrator(s) mainly) Name: To be defined Greetings, There's this project I've had in mind for a while now. The part that will be decisive is this one : it would be a community-forums about MOBAs...
  8. Cessepedes17

    Completed Sports Wrestling Community vs LazyFoums

    Site Name:Sports Wrestling Community Genre of Site: Sports Wrestling & General Discussion Link to Site: http://www.SportsWorldV1.com Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Forum Extra Notes (Optional): We are a mixed based community foccsed on Sports Wrestling General and other topics. We have a Money...
  9. F

    Paid/Free Forum site looking for Coders, Staff, Moderators, Social Media Managers, Discord Admin

    We ar currently seeking the following positions to be filled:: Coders-To help input the right design and bring new attractions to site- Staff-To have the Moderators back in answering questions and to give awards when needed/think of ways to gain more members Moderators-To help the Admin watch...
  10. M

    XenGuruBB ~ Now Hiring!

    XenGuruBB is currently looking for the following! Forum: http://www.xengurubb.org ~ 1 Head Moderator ~ 1 Moderator If you are interested! Please PM me or leave your reply here!
  11. Na11

    Pretty Cure Fanworks Forum is looking for staff

    NOTE: Please know that you won't get money from this. PCFF IS HIRING! BASIC REQUIREMENTS: Must spend at least an hour and visit the site bi-weekly, not being gone for more than 1 month. You must also have at least 10 posts on the forum and be registered for a week. You must be at least 13...
  12. Alexander

    Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Staff Member

    Today, I am going to explain how you may pick the perfect staff member. Everyone wants the best for their forum. There are two ways that you could hire a staff member, and I will be explaining the two ways. Applications: You should have a template that the user can fill in as an application...
  13. Twisted Fairytale

    Choosing Your Staff

    Choosing staff is one of the easiest things to mess up on when you are administering or building your forum. You could be making your forum for the first time, or be an experienced webmaster and still make a mistake on hiring staff. In this article, I am going to teach you how to choose staff...
  14. D

    Volt Forums | Hiring

    Volt Forums We are hiring two (2) Super Moderators at Volt Forums, if you're interested then PM me on Volt Forums and use the template below. Requirements: Active at-least 5/7 days per week, any problems with that then I must be contacted in advance. Be able to post and reply to topics. Have...
  15. Whiskey

    Animus Legion Is Looking For Dedicated Gamers

    Feel free to register on the forums! We don't take many things seriously there, we just have fun. The website is still in development and could use a lot of work. If you are interested in helping me please sign up on Animus Legion and apply to become a staff member. ---- Site Name: Animus...