1. kollegah

    TECHDOT Tech forum

    Site Name: TECHDOT URL: Type: Forum Site Info: TECHDOT is the a tech forum community where tech enthusiasts meet to discuss all topics related to today's quickly evolving technology
  2. DudeThatsErin - Erin's Blog about Tech, Life, and More!

    I just started up my blog again! I am so excited to share it! What do you guys think? I'd love responses!
  3. Oblivion Knight


    Site Name: Nerdface URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Nerdface is a friendly place where (almost) anything goes, and self-proclaimed nerds are especially welcome! What is Nerdface? I'm so glad you asked! Nerdface is a nickname that I was given approximately 8 years ago by my...
  4. jenna appleseed

    Hip, quick, business & tech news from The Hustle

    "The Hustle is a community of rebellious go-getters. Every day, we send an email with the business news you need to make your dent in the world, plus originally reported stories you won't read anywhere else."
  5. hazeldig

    Retro Insomnia

    Site Name: Retro Insomnia URL: Type: website (forum/blog) Site Info: A brand new community currently mostly centred around retro gaming, but we might offer discussions related to retro tech and media too. I'm just started this so don't expect too much activity yet...
  6. Golddisk

    The Surge | Tech, science, and gaming news

    Site Name: The Surge URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Blog Category: Tech, science, and gaming Tags: Tech, science, gaming, news Description: The Surge provides news, analysis, and opinion articles on tech, science, and gaming topics. Extra info:
  7. I

    GamingEye - Talk About Anything Gaming

    Site Name: GamingEye URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Gaming Description: GamingEye is a place to find all your gaming needs from game reviews, news, tech, and so much more! So what are you waiting for come join us. Extra info: Sorry about...