1. joycoding

    How To do that tech stuff??

    Type: Wordpress blog Site Info: Technology blog, solutions explained for day to day technology problems. URL: I highly appreciate your time in reviewing my blog and welcome your comments here. Thanks :-)
  2. MasterA

    Technasite - Technology news, analysis and reviews

    Technasite is a technology blog that writes about the latest technology news, analysis and reviews. On top of that, technology related guides, tutorials and resources will also be published aiming to help people understand and learn about the latest technology trends. News and analysis...
  3. DudeThatsErin - Erin's Blog about Tech, Life, and More!

    I just started up my blog again! I am so excited to share it! What do you guys think? I'd love responses!
  4. SaintSinner


    Site Name: Buzzativ URL: Type: Website Site Info: Buzzativ provides an outstanding voice that amuses, intrigues, and inspires through a variety of articles in many different categories. Our team of excellent authors cultivates you content that is thought-provoking...
  5. Grimoire

    oRealm | A Forum for All

    Site Name: oRealm URL: Type: Forum Site Info: oRealm is a Forum which has room for Everyone. oRealm is a General Discussion Forum which will mostly focus on Market eventually, but all in all is just a simple one stop shop. Most forums that strive for General...
  6. Oblivion Knight


    Site Name: Nerdface URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Nerdface is a friendly place where (almost) anything goes, and self-proclaimed nerds are especially welcome! What is Nerdface? I'm so glad you asked! Nerdface is a nickname that I was given approximately 8 years ago by my...
  7. Twisted Sister


    Site Name: Forum Authority URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: General Description: Forum Authority is a general discussion forum. We currently have a variety of categories to choose from, where you can participate in discussions. We also...
  8. Grimoire // New Small Community // Custom Theme // General Discussion

    Site Name: Underwurld URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Hi, I've started a new Small Community that I plan on working on diligently to make the best out of and learn as a forum owner with over time. Underwurld is meant to stay in it's own lane and be a Small Community where...
  9. Incendium

    Free OutpostICT - Brand New Forum - Recruits Team Members

    Good evening everyone, With the launch being close, we are searching for 3 new team members that will strenghten our team. These team members are being chosen by the following steps. 1. Reply within this post if you are interested and what postition (Admin or Moderator) or send me a private...
  10. Incendium

    Quick introduction

    Good evening everyone, My name is Remco (typical Dutch name), and I am a student who follows an IT program, that wants to grow to a successful level in the world of technology. I am currently working on a community website that focuses on all kinds of categories that have to do with...
  11. kollegah

    GAMETEK Gaming/Technology Forum

    Site Name: GAMETEK URL: Type: Forum Site Info:Forum about Gaming/Technology,we provide you Gaming News,Tech News,amazing staff and many boards for every Gamer and Tech enthusiast.
  12. Joe Killian

    Where happened to all the Technoskepticism from the 60's?

    What the heck? Who would have thought that the Hippie culture that started the first technoskeptic movement of the 20th century would have been responsible for the foundations of high tech consumer culture that will make us all technoslaves. The children of these hippies are now "chippies"...
  13. Grimoire // New Small Community // Custom Theme // Custom Plugins // Technology // General

    Site Name: Doom URL: Type:Forum Site Info: Doom is undergoing a lot of Live work. There's a lot of features that aren't currently functioning and a good amount of place holders but I'd rather work and let people see live changes than close the board till I finished...
  14. Moro

    Programming Community - NullForums

    Site Name: NullForums URL: http://www.NullForums.CF Type: Forum Site Info: It's a tech forum. It's a new Programming Community. You can submit your code, or ask questions about your code. We also have sections for Computer Hardware, and Web Development.
  15. D

    5 FP$ Per Post & 10 FP$ Per Thread | Up To 200 FP$ (Read Inside)

    Minimum of 10 word post = 5 FP$. Minimum of 10 word thread = 10 FP$. Introduction thread with a minimum of 20 words = 25 FP$. Cybersecurity Configuration thread following the pinned template = 25 FP$. 200 FP$ Maximum - Can be more if you ask me in advance and I agree to it. You must follow...
  16. D

    Free Moderators & Global Moderators

    Looking for Moderators & Global Moderators on a brand new ProBoards Cybersecurity/Technology forum called Cybersecurity Tips. Having Discord for text communication would be a massive bonus but not a requirement, PM me!
  17. D

    Completed Cybersecurity Tips

    Site URL: Cybersecurity Tips. Package: Garnet Package. Total posts on your forum: 8 (brand new). Packager Preferences: N/A. Area Preferences: It would be nice if the packager could make a Cybersecurity Configuration thread and use the template in the pinned thread. Would you like to upgrade all...
  18. TechWiz18

    Techs Think - A techie's thoughts on technology

    Site Name: Techs Think URL: Type: Blog Site Info: This is a blog where I am taking a look at various apps, technology news articles, latest tech and anything else that may fall under "Technology"
  19. this_free_spirit

    What do you think our future society might be like?

    I was recently thinking of the Disney film "Wall-E" and what they depicted our society to be like in the (far off) future. People destroyed the planet to the point of it not being inhabitable, so they created robots to fix the planet and all the people went off to live in spaceships floating...
  20. Y

    Help Me To Choose a phone ?

    hello, i have 100$ what mobile phone can you suggest me to buy note: i would a phone with android 5.1 if possible with that price Your Suggestions and thanks to all