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  1. Ghost

    Custom Web Apps - Business Portals - Social Networks - Custom Features - Admin/Staff/User Roles + More

    Hello all, As you many know, I am co-founded Wubur 4 years ago with my business partner. Since then we have built a few dozen custom web softwares for various industries. We're doing extremely well, and still growing. I would love it if we could work with any serious clients on Forum Promotion...
  2. M


    Hi to all of you in forum land. I am Meranda2100 and I am currently building my business, Kelley Business Solutions Emporium. For each client I build a custom website, develop a marketing campaign, and increase their social media prescence. I am also studying javascript, and attempting to make...
  3. edefiners

    What is Drupal

    Hi all, What is Drupal? Thanks in advance
  4. edefiners

    website designing and develop

    Hi all, What does .php, .aspx, .php, .html implies? Thanks in advance
  5. Smokey

    Revillution - Your Portal to Entertainment!

    Site Name: Revillution URL: http://www.revillution.net Type: Forum Site Info: Revillution is a entertainment forum for everyone of all ages. We offer a wide variety of topics that can be discussed. With a large entertainment area for gamers, tv & movie fanatics and music junkies, sports-heads...
  6. C

    Core Business SA

    Site Name: Core Business SA URL: http://www.corebusinesssa.co.za/ Type: Website Genre: Web Design/Hosting Site Info: Core Business SA provides web design services with web hosting options. If you would like a beautiful modern responsive website with great SSD hosting for great speed then look...
  7. V

    Overfeat - PHP Scripts, Wordpress Plugins, Web Design & Development

    Overfeat is an online repository for premium PHP scripts. All of our scripts have been crafted with love by mystical developers and designers. They have been brought up to the lead industry standards by our former craftsmen. All of that has been nurtured within a rich and beautiful user...