1. Jackleo7878

    [WHUK] Christmas Offer | 50% OFF on cPanel & Windows Hosting | 24/7 Support

    This Christmas WebHosting UK (WHUK) offers an an amazing deals on cPanel and Windows hosting. Save 50% on cPanel and windows hosting packages. WHUK comes with experience reliable, high performance web hosting, combined with the all-powerful cPanel for amazingly easy site management, all backed...
  2. Jackleo7878

    [WHUK] Cyber Monday Sale | 30% OFF on Linux & Windows Managed VPS | 24/7 Support

    WHUK runs a special offer on this Cyber Monday, start your online journey with this exclusive offer. WHUK, offering cost-effective and optimised VPS hosting Services along with 24/7 support. This is a limited time period offer and ends on 30 Nov, 2020, 11.59pm BST. So hurry before the offer...
  3. C

    7 Tips to Boost your cPanel Security

    Site Name: Scopehosts URL: https://www.scopehosts.com/ Type: Blog Site Info: Securing your cPanel server is crucial and may not be as complicated as you thought. Here mentioned 7 ways to boost cPanel security, make sure to ensure these cPanel Security tips (Please note if you have adult...
  4. ChrisGrigg

    ✔️ Completed USHost247 vs Aakash Pereira (USHost247)

    Site Name: USHost247 Genre of Site: Web Hosting and Domain Solutions Link to Site: https://www.ushost247.com Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Website Extra Notes (Optional):
  5. ChrisGrigg

    [CLOSED] WebHosting for FP$!

    **Due to recent changes in licensing prices and structures, USHost247 will be phasing out new sign-ups for FP cash, effective 12/09/2019** Site Name: USHost247 URL: https://www.ushost247.com Type: Website Site Info: USHost247.com first started back in December of 2010. Ever since then, All...
  6. Jake

    Selling Cheap webhosting

    Greetings promoters, Hope your day is well. I have an offer to share that I hope might help some users looking for a quick way to get up and running. I will host your website, blog, or forum for $4 per month. I have many years of systems administration experience through both professional work...
  7. Scyther

    Buying Web Hosting Company / Clients

    We looking to acquire Web hosting companies (startups / established) with client base, steady income, servers (if any) etc. We are open to Clients only sale too (Active & paying clients) You need to provide: (Web hosting business) NDA WHMCS & Paypal / other payment gateway proofs Client...