1. Cam!

    Is thread tagging actually beneficial?

    In my experiences, one of the common ignored features of XenForo is the "Tags" function when you're creating a new thread. Thread tagging isn't an option in all of the different types of forum software, but it's one of those things that developers seem to typically have on their radar as a...
  2. Oblivion Knight


    Site Name: Nerdface URL: https://nerdface.co.uk Type: Forum Site Info: Nerdface is a friendly place where (almost) anything goes, and self-proclaimed nerds are especially welcome! What is Nerdface? I'm so glad you asked! Nerdface is a nickname that I was given approximately 8 years ago by my...
  3. TopSilver

    Mind Piff Discussion Community

    Site Name: Mind Piff Discussion Community URL: https://www.mindpiff.com Type: Forum Site Info: Hey guys Brad here wanting to share my new discussion community Mind Piff with you. It's basically a general discussion forums but the type of topics we have vary giving us a broader and more wider...
  4. Smokey

    Nucleus now has a light theme!

    By popular demand, I decided on a light theme, a nice contrasting variant of the dark/default theme we use, made by the same designer. Come check it out! Come check out the theme in it's entirely over at Nucleus!
  5. Smokey

    Migrated to MyBB!

    So, being on a fixed income and after doing some math and future-proof thinking, I decided the best route for Nucleus would be not to move it completely but to migrate it to an open source solution. That left me with 3 major players, SMF, phpBB and MyBB, after doing some research on each, I...
  6. Smokey

    Revillution completely revamped!

    After much debate and the fact I was paying for my friend's site (which he didn't seem bothered running :/) I decided to merge the sections in his site and redo Revillution on a proper host. ZetaBoards was fine, but I had a license going to waste.....seemed stupid to just let it sit. I got a...
  7. Smokey

    Xenforo license for sale ( Forum + Resource Manager + Gallery)

    I have 2 Xenforo licenses for sale. This listing is for the fully loaded one that includes Xenforo Forum, Media Gallery & Resource Manager License expires July 20th, 2017. Asking Price: $180. Total for all add-ons and forum license separately - $250 Here is proof of ownership...
  8. bomb

    How can i transfer traffic from my facebook group to my web forum?

    Hi FPers, What is the most effective way of transferring my mammoth traffic from Facebook froup to my web forum on Xenforo? I have a facebook group with over 400K members. I have tried all means to make them move to my forum, but i have only manage to get 128 members on board. What am i...
  9. Jordan

    Game Rebels Stock - Own a Piece of Uniqueness!

    Forum Name: Game Rebels Forum Link: https://www.GameRebels.com Starting Share Price: 175 $FP Yesterday's Share Price: 1644 $FP Today's Opening Share Price: 9156 $FP Total Shares: 5,000 Available Shares Left: 4,985 Share Owners: @Joshua Farrell - 15 Shares at 207 $FP a share. Forum Notes: Own a...
  10. Solidus

    WWE Forums - Wrestling Discussion & News

    Site Name: WWE Forums URL: https://wweforums.net/ Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Wrestling, sports Tags: wrestling, wwe Description: WWE Forums is the number one site worldwide for wrestling discussion, news, and rumors. Join our community of over 5000 members to discuss WWE...
  11. Jax

    phpBB OR XenForo

    D E B A T E V.1.0. I thought I would put up this thread as a way to debate topics. This is my first debate in the debate thread so this could be fun. All views are counted equally. Q U E S T I O N : 0 1 Which Is Better, PHPBB or XenForo? Take a side and tell us why you have chosen that...
  12. jdab

    WTB: XenForo license

    I'm looking to buy a standard, transferrable XenForo license. Hit me up if you have one and let me know how much you're looking for :)
  13. I

    XenForo Review: A lot of Hype About Nothing

    I just want to say this before hand: this is solely based on my experience for the most part (though some of the things listed below have also been echoed by other forum admins who have used, or still use XenForo as well). I know some XenForo fans get defensive and aren't open to criticism of...
  14. Smokey

    Anti-Spam protection.

    Get rid of these annoying spambots...... add some anti-spam protection to your forums..... There's plenty options for Xenforo to choose from. :)